25 February 2017

COMING SOON ON BBE : J Jazz - Deep Modern Jazz from Japan 1969 - 83.

I've been busy working with Tony "Impressed" Higgins putting together a new Japanese Jazz compilation which is being issued by BBE Records in a few months time - J Jazz: deep modern jazz from Japan 1969 - 1983. A collection of some of the finest, rarest and most sought-after modern jazz that saw artists developing new sounds and styles that redefined Japanese jazz. Focusing on prize cuts drawn from private pressings and independent labels, J Jazz will give the listener an insight into a creatively dynamic scene that embraced deep modal, spiritual and impressionistic jazz.
Here's a taster of what's to come with a full force cut from the phenomenal private press rarity that is "Tachibana":
Philosophers Stone (Edit)


willtoms said...
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MonikerAddiction said...

This was a seriously rad listen, THANKS BACOSO

Simon666 said...

Sounds fantastic B, can't wait for the comp. Thanks!

Guitarradeplastico your favorite musician said...

MANY thanks

g.raf said...

Some to look forward to.
Thanks Bacoso, hope you're keeping well.