27 May 2015


Palle Mikkelborg for Debut Records Denmark from 1967.

Side 1 Recorded August 28th 1967 : Orla Jorgensen, Aage Petersen, Bent Jorgensen, Finn Ziegler - Violin; Ib Herman-Cello;Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen-Bass; Palle Mikkelborg, Palle Bolvig-Trumpet; Allan Botschinky-Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Preben Garnov-Flugelhorn; Torolf Molgaard-Trombone, Euphonium, Jorgen Jensen-Clarinet, Alto Sax; Niels Husum-Bass Clarinet, Soprano, Tenor Sax; Ray Pitts-Tenor Sax, Flute;Bent Nielsen-Piccolo Flute, Clarinet, Baritone Sax; Niels Peters-Oboe; Ole Molin-Guitars; Louis Hjulmand-Vibes; Bent Axen-Piano; Alex Riel-Drums; Bjarne Rostvold-Drums,Tambourine, Marracas.
Side 2 Recorded August 29th 1967 : As above minus Preben Garnov, Niels Peters and the string section.Add Uffe Karrskov-Clarinet, Flute, Tenor & Baritone Sax; Ole Kurt Jensen-Bass Trombone

Back with a bang ...the first time out in Blogland for this very rare and never reissued Danish session composed and arranged by Palle Mikkelborg.

From the sleeve notes by Erik Moseholm:
Palle Mikkelborg found his inspiration for "The Mysterious Corona"in the aura of the sun.The composition was first heard in it's embryonic stage at a concert at the Danish National Museum in the spring of 1965, performed by Danish composer and pianist Niels Viggo Bentzon, The American sax player and composer Ray Pitts, who has made Denmark his home, drummer Bjarne Rostvold, and this writer tending the bass [Erik Moseholm].The thematic ideas were later adapted by Palle Mikkelborg for his nonet, and parts of the suite were incorporated in the book of the Jazz Group of the Danish Radio.The suite was completed in August 1967 for this recording.

Each of the seven parts of the suite was inspired by emotions experienced by reading about the aura of the sun.The discovery of this very phenomenon is the theme for the first part, "Corona". The deep realization of it's infinity and enormous power results in "Overwhelming Emotion, and the beauty of space calls forth "Cosmos".Watching life in space makes the beholder aware of the fact that "Birds Fly" and inspires him in "Religious Feelings". The theories and fantasies about command of the universe expounded by the mystics become "Magic", and the realization of the microscopic smallness of mankind in the face of the immeasurable powers strikes the composer with "Awe".

"Corona", the opening statement, is played by the strings, lead by violinist Orla Jorgensen.Cellist Ib Hermann and bass player N.H.Orsted-Pederson are the soloists.The full 21 man group is heard in "Overwhelming Emotion", with Ray Pitts and Palle Mikkelborg the main protagonists."Cosmos" is introduced by oboist Niels Peters, and the theme is taken up by the winds lead by hornist Preben Garnov.Niels Peters plays the lead in "Birds Fly", and Ray Pitts and Palle Mikkelborg are again heard as soloists.The vibraphone solo is played by Louis Hjulmand.The strings are not used in this section, nor in the following section."Religious Feelings", which is arranged for a wind quintet led by Niels Peters' oboe with Ray Pitts on flute, Bent Nielsen and Jorgen Jensen on clarinets, and Niels Husum on bass clarinet. Torolf Molgaard and Ray Pitts are the solists on "Magic", and the all important tambourine part is in the hands of Bjarne Rostvold. The final section "Awe" is played by a string quartet led by Orla Jorgensen.

The six  part "M.B.Cyclus" is introduced by "Ming", followed by "Short Cart"with solos by Ray Pitts, Palle Mikkelborg and Ole Molin who plays the Spanish guitar.Mikkelborg and Molin paint a picture of "La Mijas", a Moorish village on the Costa Del Sol in Spain where the former spent some time shortly before the recording session took place. A Mongolian tale was the inspiration for "Mongolia", which has solos by Ray Pitts and Torolf Molgaard.Louis Hjulmand is the only soloist in "Beauty M.", and the cyclus comes to a close with "Free Bee".


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Another top notch blinding record.

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There is a great video of Palle and some of the other musicians on this record playing here:


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Excellent!! Really tried hard to get this LP for years.
But the prices were always too high - never I pay more than 100 Euro for a LP.
So thank you very, very much!

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Superb share and what a great record it is too.Many thanks.

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Very much appreciated.

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I am very happy to see you back, mr Bacoso! you have always been one of my best reasons for having an internet connection! XXX

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