19 October 2014


Antithesis for Arise Records Switzerland from 1972.

Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor], Arranger - Denis Baggi ; Saxophone [Tenor] - Michele Von Ritter
Piano - Urs Vörkel ; Bass - Bob Egloff ; Drums, Percussion - Herbert Hartmann

Now over to Switzerland for another tip top rarity on the one off Arise label.Here's the sleeve notes:

The basic contradictions of the civilization in which we live become more and more evident everywhere in the western world.Thus the need grows more stronger for advanced expressions of art as an antithesis to the repression of the official culture,or as a desire to to develop a new consciousness.
Bella Ciao : Originally an Italian rice field work song became the song of the partisans who struggled against fascism during World War 2.Denis Baggi is on soprano sax and Michele Von Ritter plays the tenor sax solo before the ending.
Do-Desch-Ka-Den : An original by Urs Vorkel features the author on piano preceded by Michele Von Ritter and followed by by a tenor sax solo by Denis Baggi before the collective with two tenors.
Haze's Dance : Has again Denis Baggi on soprano and contains solos by Urs Vorkel,Michele Von Ritter on tenor ,Herbert Hartmann and Bob Egloff.
Angela : Dedicated to Angela Davis and her struggle features Denis Baggi on tenor on the initial statement following the introduction by the bass and on the closing statement and contains a solo by Michele Von Ritter just after the opening and preceding the piano solo.