27 April 2012


Hiroshi Suzuki - Masahiko Togashi Quintet Variation

Takt Jazz Series/Columbia Japan 1969
Tetsuo Fushimi (tp) Hiroshi Suzuki (tb) Yuji Ono (p)
Jun Suzuki (b) Masahiko Togashi (dr)

George Otsuka Trio - Page 2

Takt Jazz Series/Columbia Japan 1968
George Otsuka (ds) Hideo Ichikawa (p) Masaoki Terakawa (bass)

Swing Journal All Stars 68

Takt Jazz Series/Columbia Japan 1968
Terumasa Hino (tp), Hiroshi Suzuki (tb),Sadao Watanabe (as), Masabumi Kikuchi (p),Kunimitsu Inaba (b), Masahiko Togashi (d)

Three rarities from the seminal Takt label of Japan contributed by Bongohito - over to him to tell you a little more about 'em: 

"So these three uber-rare sides aren't the end of the world, creatively speaking. However, as "Page 2" and "Swing Journal All Stars '68" are from 1968 and "Varation" is from January 1969, they represent something of a scene that's making its statement in reconciliation between traditionalism and the so-called new thing in its own way.
Like many Japanese sides, I find endless fascination in the discipline and cleanliness of execution of ideas, even if the ideas aren't always innovative or ground breaking; to me they're distinctive.
Between the three sets, the creme de la creme of Japanese jazz musicians are all present; Sadao, Hino, Kikuchi, Togashi, Yuji Ohno, Hiroshi Suzuki, Otsuka, as well as the traditional stalwarts of Nobuo Hara's Sharps and Flats and clarinetist Eiji Kitamura (who just turned 83). All present and accounted for and swinging with the changing times in their own ways.
I'd say don't expect the next great thing you've never heard (but who knows, really?) but do expect some interesting facets that should keep your attention."

Many thanks go out to Bongohito who provided all the rips and session details for this post.
Respect to El Goog,Taro Nombei,Hoochie Coochie, Wara Katsu ,Simon 666 ,Vesper ,Doyle C and especially the gone but not forgotten Jazz Nekko for stoking and keeping the Japanese Jazz fires burning...