16 December 2012


Grupo De Experimentacion Sonora Del ICAIC

Areito LD3450 1973        
Arranged By – Eduardo Ramos, Emiliano Salvador, Pablo Menéndez, Sergio Vitier, Silvio Rodriguez;
Directed By – Juan Marquez Lacasa, Leo Brouwer ; Producer – Pablo Menéndez 

Raul Gomez - Instrumental 

Areito LD3576 1977
Directed By – Rafael Somavilla, Raúl Gómez, Tony Taño ; Orchestra – Orquesta Egrem ; Orchestrated & Produced By – Raúl Gómez

Bobby Carcasses Y Su Grupo Afrojazz - La Esquina Del Afrojazz 

Areito LD4558 1989
Bobby Carcasses - Flugelhorn , Vocal ; Rolando Perez - Alto ; Carlos Salvador - Drums ;  Lazaro Valdes - Piano ; Luis Manresa - Bass ; Tony Torriente - Tumbadoras ; Ahmed Barroso - Guitar ; Serquera - Flute ; Pucho Lopez - Keyboards ; Lazaro Cruz - Trumpet ; Rolando Marron - Trumpet ; Rafael Yen - Tenor

I've just returned from a couple of weeks holiday in Cuba which kicked off with a 4 day stay in the spectacular city of Havana. What an incredible place it reverberates with music morning noon and night wherever you are .As well as catching some superb live music I went digging for vinyl in the streets and markets and returned home with a bag of rarities all products of Cuba's Studio Egrem Areito label.Here's a few of the highlights ranging from the nueva trova meets prog meets jazz collision of Emiliano Salvador & Silvio Rodrigues' Grupo De Experimentacion to the strings and disco soundtrack stylings of Raul Gomez to the hard latin jazz of Grupo Afrojazz.

Links are in the comments as per usual. I haven't ripped to FLAC as Rapidshare have a new ruling which means that the public traffic downloaded from my Orgy In Rhythm account has now been limited to 1GB a day.That's why so many of you are getting the following message :
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I'm now looking at how to keep the remaining few hundred files alive and hopefully get them transferred to another host.....what a bastard !