17 June 2012


Mikio Masuda for East Wind Japan from 1976.

MIKIO MASUDA: Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hohner D-6 Clavinet, Yamaha YC-30 organ, Mini Korg synthesizer, ARP String Ensemble MASAYOSHI SAITOH: guitar OSAMU KAWAKAMI: electric bass O JESS: drums GUILHERME FRANCO: congas, tablas, cuica, voice, percussion KOHSUKE MINE: soprano saxophone (4)

Keeping with the J Jazz theme here's another of my top 5 from Japan - Mikio Masuda's fantastic fusion tour de force "Mickey's Mouth".
All killer ....


Bacoso said...



bongo hito said...


bongo hito said...


steve.d said...

Orgy you are the O.G.
Big fan of Mikio,I was intrigued to hear this recording after Never enough Rhodes' classy compilation,
thanks very much indeed.

zn said...

Thank you very much Mr Bacoso.

zn said...

Thank you very much Mister Bacoso.
you're a killer, no filler ;)

Ivory Hunter said...

Great stuff!

holo said...

arigatou gozaimasu!!!

apf said...

Thank you!

Gildas said...

GREAT !! I knew "I saw the Light" and now you give me the whole LP! THANKS Bacoso.

Mikio Masuda is here with Kohsuke Mine. But he also played in Terumasa Hino Quintet. Only pointures!

Next in line:Masabumi Kikuchi Reconfirmation LP (1970)

Man, I could not find it either on cd in japan, ebay, amazone, recordmania...or within the solidarity of the funky blogosphere!!

HELP is NEEDED here !!

The great Masabumi...

Thanks again

Bender said...

Sweet! Thanks!

taro nombei said...

Great to see this one out in the blogosphere.
A cracking album and a top share, Bacoso!

Andy said...

Many thanks Bacoso,looking forward to playing this soon.Nice one yet again.

Thad said...

Someone looking for some Re-Confirmation?


Can't remember where I picked this one up, but all thanks to the original ripper/poster.

Thad said...

Also, please feel to re-post if you so desire, Bacoso! I've been following the blog for several years, and am always happy to give something back.

Gildas said...

Thad is Da man as we used to say !
You make my day!

TO all: check this LP; I heard it is a magnificience from track 1 till the end.

To Bacoso: thanks for bringing fusion jazz back and forth. You make this possible ! Thanks for that as well

It reminds me when my now good friend DavySan shared a live show from 1995 featuring Digable Planets and a funky band of players. It was back in 2002 but I still remember the magic of a rare gift


Art Simon said...

Thad & Gildas, any chance for a re-up of re-confirmation? Thanks so much in advance!

Art Simon said...

Thanks for this!

jazzobsessive said...

This sounds really great Bacoso.

Really appreciate your Shares & Blog

Adam See said...

Thanks! Love your blog

Gildas said...

Sorry no new link to Masabumi Re-Confirmation; the sendspace link is also dead

I will try to upload it and will soon post the link.

In the meanwhile, have a look at this weird interview / documentary about Masabumi

or this as well http://funkit.virose.net/?p=2813

Art Simon said...

Hi Gildas,

I would love a reup on the Masabumi! I'll check out the videos in the meanwhile, thanks!

Hookfinger said...

Top 5, huh? Can't wait to give it a spin. Some comments soon. Thank you!!

blackclassical said...

@Gildas your in luck ->


preacheros said...

so will there be a new link for Re-Confirmation or not? the thing is e-bay's variant is pretty expensive)

cezx said...

All of these recent releases are amazing! Thank you for your hard work and digging! And releasing ^_^ !

Vitezslove Sichtar said...

Got back to ORGY and look what I found here. Thanks for lovely share from your journey!!!

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