23 July 2011


Masarau Imada Trio + 2 - Green Caterpillar 

TBM 39 1975
masaru imada : p/elp ;isoo fukui : b ;tetsujiro obara : d kazumi watanabe : g  yuji imamura : perc

Isao Suzuki Quartet + 2 - Orang - Utan

TBM 44 1975
isao suzuki : b, cello, ep  kenji mori : as, bcl, fl (1,2,4) kazumi watanabe : g  osamu kawakami : b shinji mori  :d  mari nakamoto : vo (2)

Hiroshi Fukumara - Morning Flight

TBM 19 1973
hiroshi fukumura : tb shigeharu mukai : tb hiroshi tamura p tsutomu okada : b shinji mori : d

Here's three of the best from Three Blind Mice - Japan's premier jazz label - to wrap up the recent run on Japanese Jazz here at OIR.
Huge thanks go out to Bongohito who provided all three of the high quality rips + artwork and session details for this post.Find them all in the comments.
Respect and thanks to El Goog,Jazz Nekko,Wara Katsu,Taro Nombei,Vesper,Hoochie Coochie & Doyle C for keeping the Japanese Jazz fires burning.
To be continued......

14 July 2011


Takeo Moriyama Quartet for Union Japan from 1982.
Takeo Moriyama - Drums ; Toshihiko Inoue - Tenor ; Mikinori Fujiwara - Tenor, Soprano ; Hideaki Mochizuki - Bass.

More Jap pressure...Moriyama drives the two sax frontline through a couple of incendiary post bop slash and burn originals,a brief solo drum feature introed and outroed by Inoue and Fujiwara and - the pick of the bunch for me - the clipped blurting saxes and menacing rumble of "No More Apple".
Soon come - a triple whammy from Three Blind Mice courtesy of Bongohito.