30 January 2011


Roy Porter Sound Machine for Chelan USA from 1974.
Roy Porter: Drums - Jimmy Holloway, Leslie Hargrove: Guitar - Tollie Moore: Electric Piano - Bob Davis: Organ - Charles Jones: Fender Bass - Oscar Dye: Congas - Hense Powell, James Smith: Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Lester Robertson: Trombone - Jack H. Fulks: Tenor Sax, flute - Sone' Campbell: Tenor Sax.

Ridiculously hard to find private pressing out of LA from drummer Roy Porter and his Sound Machine.
Every cut a stone cold killer on this fully loaded breaks and beats bomb - shufflin' beats and drums all over ""Funky Twitch" fucked up funky latin madness on "Wow" while "Drums for Darryl" is a scrambler and drums duet and of course the organ grinder groove of "OOh La La".

All Killer No Filler No Doubt Whatsoever.

21 January 2011


George Gruntz for Saba from 1967.
Piano, Conductor, Composed By - George Gruntz ; Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Tambourine - Sahib Shihab ; Bass - Eberhard Weber ; Drums - Daniel Humair ; Violin - Jean Luc Ponty ; Goblet Drum [Darbouka] - Hattab Jouini , Salah El Mahdi ; Ney - Salah El Mahdi ; Oboe [Zoukra] - Moktar Slama ; Percussion [Bendire] - Hattab Jouini , Jelloul Osman , Moktar Slama , Salah El Mahdi ; Tabla - Hattab Jouini , Jelloul Osman ; Bagpipes [Mezoued] - Jelloul Osman.
Producer - Joachim Ernst Berendt

George Gruntz organized this studio recording as an opportunity for blending the worlds of jazz and Arabian music, though utilizing original music of his own. With Sahib Shihab (soprano sax, flute, and tambourine), violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, bassist Eberhard Weber, and drummer Daniel Humair, plus four Bedouin musicians playing traditional Arabian reed, string, and percussion instruments, Gruntz conceived the nearly 31-minute six-part "Maghreb Cantata" as the centerpiece of the date. The composer's themes are essentially brief modal statements utilized as jumping-off points for the musicians' improvisations. Bracketing the suite are two vocal numbers that incorporate the chanting of centuries-old Arab poems. Open-minded jazz fans will find this unusual session both intriguing and infectious.Ken Dryden.

All Killer No Filler.

10 January 2011


 Naosuke Miyamoto Sextet for Three Blind Mice Japan from 1973.

Kunji Shigi - trumpet & fluegelhorn; Takashi Furya - alto sax; Takeshi Goto - soprano sax & tenor sax; Masayoshi Yoneda - piano; Naosuke Miyamoto - bass; Shoji Nakayama  drums

Those of you with long memories may remember a comp I put together and posted here back in 2006 entitled "The Mood Is Modal" which opened with Naosuke Miyamoto's sublime modal masterpiece "One For Trane".Now and only 5 years later(!!!) here's the whole lp for the first time in blogland and it's a bomb.
Miyamoto had been recording since 1960 with the likes of Sadao Watanabe and George Kawaguchi (more from him in a future post) and was something of an old pro when he assembled this sextet using players from both the new generation of young lions and more established musicians.Two Harold Land compositions (check the storming version of "Step Right Up To The Bottom" ) and three originals from Goto,Yoneda and Miyamoto make up the writing credits and it's on "One For Trane" & "Where Do They Go?" the influence of the Coltrane/Shorter modal school is at it's best.
Fiery and beautiful music throughout this really is ....
All Killer No Filler!