29 October 2011


Gregory Charles Royal for GCR from 1979.

Bass – Clarence Lavelle Seay ; Drums – Jeff Corbett ; Flute  Warren Taylor ; Piano – Geri Allen Saxophone – Warren Taylor ; Trombone,Vocal – Gregory Charles Royal
Private press business from Blakey protege Gregory Charles Royal who wrote,arranged, recorded,produced and issued this excellent session at the age of 17! Here's the liner notes by G.C. Royal:
"Dream Come True" marks a vision I've had for sometime. I hope that you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed recording it. the compositions, which were for the most part written during a stay in Europe, all have their stories.
"Dancer" is about the gracefulness of a dancer. The melody of "Trying" is meant to illustrate end success in spite of temporary setbacks. "Spirit" Cry" says just what it is, the violent yet sonorous cry of our spirit. "Curtis" was written for my friend Curtis Fuller. The first half of the melody was taken from Curtis' statement on the bridge of " Invitation". "For You" was written for a close friend and "Dream Come True" sums of the reality of this dream!.
I would like to thank Art Blakely, Slide Hampton, and Woody Shaw for their musical support, and hope that this album marks the beginning of my dedication to the music.

22 October 2011


Southern Energy Ensemble for Black Fire from 1976.

Bass – Michael Pitt (Wolf) Congas – Adolphus Maples (Peddie), Tony Joyner  (Onginga) Drums, Percussion – William Johnson (Spike) Piano, Piano ,Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Synthesizer – Nathaniel Lee (Nat)
Saxophone [Alto, Soprano], Flute – Al Clarke Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Marvin Daniels (Dash)Vocals – Adolphus Maples (Peddie), Garrie Wayne (Zeek), Judith Spears (Anglais), Marvin Daniels (Dash), Veronica Jones (Ronnie)

Righteous jazz funk banger with lashings of clavinet and the storming "Third House".

16 October 2011


Michel Klotchoff Trio & Chris Woods for Promophone France from 1976.

Michel Klotchkof - Piano,Keyboards ; Henri Boiron - Bass ; Bernard Malabre - Drums ; Jean-Pierre Lochesse - Bongos ; Chris Woods - Alto Sax;Flute.

Superb rare French modal/bop album from sometime Francois DeRoubaix collaborator Klotchkoff and his trio joined by Chris Woods and Lochesse's bongos. "Full Space" sets the scene a modal swinger with Woods tearing it up over clattering bongos and the trio in full flight - a jazz dancers delight!
'Francois, Gone But Remembered' is deep modality in memory of Francois De Roubaix who drowned in 1975 shortly before the session was recorded .Klotchkoff dedicated "Chris Cross" to Woods with whom the trio became friends after performing as his rhythm section in Paris (along with Marco Di Marco). "Waltz for Benjy" is more modal business in waltz time followed by the head noddin' boppin' "18 Rue De La Passarelle". Luis Eca's "The Dolphin" rounds off the album and was recorded live and is something of a showcase for Klotchkoff featured on piano, cello, glockenspiel and synthesizer.

13 October 2011


Over the past few years I've had so many requests for a repost of this cracker I thought I had better do the honours one more time..... so here it is.

Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters for Bola Press from 1982.

Jayne Cortez (voice) and The Firespitters - Abraham Adzinyah(conga), Bill Cole(shenai, flute, muzette, korean sona), Denardo Coleman(drums), Farel Johnson Jr.(bongo, bell, conga), Charles Moffett Jr.(tenor saxophone), Bern Nix(guitar), Jamaaladeen Tacuma(electric bass).

A pretty unique fusion of poetry,jazz and blues best known for the fantastic eulogy to the mighty Chano Pozo "I See Chano Pozo" a percussion heavy,rumbling bass driven chanting monster of a track with Cortez in full effect with her spoken word tribute to the conga king.

"I have read my poetry with some really great musicians," Jayne Cortez recently allowed. "I think, though, that my poetry swings with or without music." There’s much evidence to support this claim. For at least the past 30 years, Cortez has been an avatar of rhythmic agility in verse. Like her contemporary Amiri Baraka, she absorbed not only the techniques of an American poetic avant-garde but also the language(s) of the blues. The resulting poems translate the pulsation of the city into potent phraseology; they rumble, they smolder, they swing. All of which makes sense, given the poet’s singular history. Born in Arizona and raised in California, Cortez graduated from an arts high school, where she forged an identity as a writer and cellist. In 1954, at the age of 18, she married the iconoclastic saxophonist Ornette Coleman; two years later, they had a child. During the ’60s, Cortez struck out on her own — working for civil rights in Mississippi, organizing writing workshops in Watts, touring both Europe and Africa and finally emigrating to New York. She published her first book of poems in 1969. Cortez was for some time deeply invested in the ideology of the Black Arts Movement, and her work still conveys both political urgency and poetical rage. It also frequently address issues of feminism — or, perhaps more accurately, the complex matrices of womanhood.
Ripped from the original vinyl @320-no reissues

9 October 2011


N.T.S.U.Lab Band for N.T.S.U.Jazz from 1978.

Saxes: Steve Duke , Charlie Young , Bob Belden , Roger Holmes. Trumpets: Will Miller , Larry Spencer , Tom Delibero , Mike Steinel , Jim Powell. Trombones: Keith Adkins , James Caan , David Butler , Bill Franklin , Steve Thomas.Piano: Bob Snook. Bass: George Anderson. Drums:Gene Glover. Guitar:James Chirillo.
Percussion: Robert Landis , Rusty Wells.

One for Simon...
North Texas Big Band Banger directed by Leon Breeden and featuring a young Bob Belden on Tenor.

3 October 2011


Mount Everest for Four Leaf Clover Sweden from 1983.

Gilbert Holmstrom - Tenor;Peter Almqvist - Guitar;Ben Beskalov - Piano,Hammomd B3;Yasuhito Mori -Bass;Michael Andersson - Drums;Arturo Trujillo - Congas, Percussion.

Gilbert Holmstrom dropped the avant garde pyrotechnics to record this solid latin session for FLC featuring Skrotbandet percussionist Trujillo and Peter Almqvist of Guitars Unlimited.
Swedish Samba Time.....