12 August 2011


Stuff Combe 5 + Percussion

Drums,Percussion – Stuff Combe ; Piano,Electric Piano – Francy Boland ; Saxophone – Tony D'Adario ; Trumpet – Benny Bailey ; Bass – Bob Jacquillard.
M Records Switzerland 1974.

The Jan Huydts Trio - Trio Conception

Bass – Peter Trunk ; Drums – Joe Nay ; Piano – Jan Huydts
Philips Netherlands 1963.

Mantequilla Y Su Conjunto

Bass – Enrique Ponsa ; Drums – Jasé Farreras ; Piano – Ricard Miralles ; Saxophone – Salvador Font ; Trumpet – Manolo Mercedes
Discophon Spain (E.P.)1965

Georges Arvanitas Trio - Porgy & Bess

Piano - Georges Arvanitas ;Bass - Jacky Samson ; Drums - Charles Saudrais
AFA France 1973.

Juan Gonzalez Trio -  I Remember Spain

 Juan Gonzalez - Piano ; Peter Bockius - Bass ; Alvin Queen -Drums.
Stamy Records Switzeland 1982.

Five rarities all in a row - All from Europe - All new to blogland - All pricey hitters in their original vinyl format -
And all contributed to Orgy In Rhythm by Frederic Hartman who is both a record collector and dealer.
As befits this Euro Jazz Special Frederic's half French half German and currently resides in Spain.
Thanks a million Frederic !
Check out his current stock at Discogs:
and don't forget to thank him in the comments!

All rips @320 from original vinyl - links in the comments as usual.
Please note the Rshare Link for Stuff Combe is dead-I've reupped it to Mediafire and left the link further down the comments.


Bacoso said...

Frederic said:

Stuff Combe:

Jan Huydts:


Georges Arvanitas:

Juan Gonzalez:

Felipe Trenk said...

wow, nice! new stuff to hear this week.

ty Frederic.

boogieman said...

Merci Frederic, tout ca a l'air bien bon!
Apparently there's a problem with Stuff's link (no file?).
I'm downloading Jan Huydts. All that on a FRiday nite! My wife will complain again if I spend the week end listening to music!

Wallofsound said...

Many thanks

boogieman said...

Absolument superbe!
My favorites?
Jan Huydts Trio
Mantequilla y su conjunto. Which is the kind of EP I try to post on my blog in the "rarity series" but you've been faster than me!



bongohito said...

Are you kidding me?
Well done, mate.
Nice chaser to the prior series.
These are truly a crate diggers delight.

wil said...

Thanks for these interresting links.

Ivory Hunter said...

The Stuff Combe album is'nt there. Thanks a lot though for the great uploads.

Bacoso said...

Stuff Combe:

boogieman said...

Thanks Bacoso

rm said...

great post. Thank you very much, Frederic and Bacoso

Quimsy said...

Great - been wanting this Stuff LP for donkeys years!. Is there a reason it's ripped to mono? Anyways, many thx Bacoso as always.

Nico said...

Thanks a lot for this stuff Bacoso. Miralles has been for a long time the pianist and arranger of a great Catalan Singer, the great Joan Manuel Serrat. Great to see him here in his jazz role. According to Wiki he also plays vibraphone and trumpet.

Jonne said...

Killer post!! Early christmas this year!

Tomaso Alba said...

Bacoso, I just don't know where to start!!! Thanks for the candies for my ears.


Reza said...

Interesting albums all new to my ears, many thanks Frederic and Bacoso

Mimi Soul said...

Merci beaucoup frederic voilà qui va occuper mon dimanche après midi .
Thanks also to bacoso . You made my day


katonah said...

Five alive !?!

Time to break-out the Ferrero Rochers. "Zee jazz ambassador is surely spoiling us"....

Many thanks guys


boogieman said...

Question to Frederic: there is a guitar player on the Stuff Combe album. He's not credited apparently.
Could it be Pierre Cavalli? The same rhythm section(Jaquillard / Combe) was used on the Cavalli / Norma Green LP.



Leffe said...

What a wonderful world this is! Fanfuckingtastic to say the least! Thank you Bacoso, and Mr Hartman too!

Bender said...

Fantastic treat. THank you.

the jazzstronaut said...

Many thanks, Bacoso and a very special thanks to Frederick, great share as always.

Cheers guys.

Kal Hodgson said...


Hanimex 3000 said...

ouaip, il rigole pas le cousin. Découvrir 5 bombes d'un coup c'est pas tous les jours... la rentrée radiophonique va être sympa.
Et many thanks to Bacoso pour l'ensemble de son oeuvre, indeed.

Maciko said...

Many many thanks for this terrific post
thanks for thoses treasures

cannonball said...

Fantastic Five !!!!!
Thanks to all concerned - tremendous music.

petit paradis said...

Many Thanks for the many thanks!
@bacoso: Cheers for reupping the Combe LP. Still don't know what happened there.
@quimsy: No clue whatsoever why it is ripped in mono. Thought I Had proceded just the same way I did with the others but I guess I must have hit an erroneous button at some point. As soon as I find the time to do so I'll rip it again in stereo (and get rid of the few pops and the beginning of A1.) This won't be before October though.
@boogieman: I checked the LP again and tried to find out about that ghost guitarist on the web. No luck though. I'll continue to investigate and will let you know asap.
Kind Regards,

Quimsy said...

Frederic, please don't go to any trouble on my account but a kind offer.
If I can make an observation, all these rips are in mono. Should be easy enough to fix, check your physical connections and your recording software.

sunbop said...

amazing list of rarities

balkanjeff said...

Always wanted to hear more of what Francy Boland did after the Clarke-Boland Big Band - so thanks a lot to Frederic and Bacoso

boogieman said...

Hey guys (and gals if there's any?),
my way of saying Thanks to Bacoso and Frederic. I've posted a very rare French 10" by Jacques Denjean & son Grand Orchestre de Jazz (1962). Superb music with great soli by the likes of Ivan Jullien, J-L Chautemps, Gerard Badini and others. Get it while you can!

Simon666 said...

aiyeeeee just starting on this post, thanks so much ... getting into Stuff Combe and loving it :)

petit paradis said...

Re-upped to mediafire:

Juan Gonzalez Trio

Jan Huydts Trio


petit paradis said...

Georges Arvanitas:

petit paradis said...

Georges Arvanitas: http://www.mediafire.com/?aios89o4bw87bkq

baf said...

tanx fred & bac

chuchuni said...

Thank you very much Frederic!

enrique heredia said...

Thank You Frederick for this excellente and rare records.

Bhowani said...

Merci Frédéric, c'est Noël avant Noël ! je vais écouter ces raretés derechef, quel plaisir d'avance !
(@boogieman : votre blog est passionnant)

baf said...

nice, thank you, i am looking for the other mantequilla ep, anyone has a link?

Xavier. M said...

Can you repost a link for the Jan Huydts Trio please ?