22 September 2010


If you trawled the comments on Stan Tracey's Latin American Caper you will no doubt have been intrigued to see this from Ramu:

Hi, I tried to get Windmill Tilter reissued years ago as part of the Impressed Re-pressed series (I helped compile the Impressed comps with Gilles P). Manged to get a first batch of reissues out (Mike Taylor, Neil Ardely, Amancio D'Silva etc..) but Universal, as ever lost faith, let it all slip iaway to labels like BGO and Vocalion. Had a killer hitlist of all the Lansdowne stuff - Rendell Carr, Hum Dono etc... they couldn't care less. Treat their catalogue - and music fans - with contempt. Impressed 3 has been ready to go for about 6 years - and Universal??? What do you think, not awhiff of interest. Shame, as it has top stuff from Dick Morrissey, Kenny Wheeler, Quincicasm, Don Rendell etc on it. Don even wrote an introductory piece for my notes... maybe you could post it on here!!

True to his word Ramu has sent over what would have been track listing for the shelved "Impressed 3" and included Don Rendell's sleeve notes.
What a tragedy that this will never be issued..and good luck to anybody trying to track 'em ALL down!

Collin Bates Trio - Brew
London Jazz Four - Song For Hilary
Tubby Hayes Quartet - Finky Minky
Don Rendell - Euphrates
Vic Lewis - Last Minute Bossa Nova
Kenny Wheeler - Don the Dreamer
Ralph Dollimore - Spikey
Dick Morrissey - Sunday Lunch
Quincicasm - Trent Park Song
Ronnie Stephenson / Kenny Clare - Caravan
Johnny Hawksworth feat. Hampton Hawes - Jazz Rule
Dick Morrissey - Storm Warning

Don Rendell's sleeve notes:

I knew and played with many of the musicians on this album. The jazz scene in those years seemed very sure of itself and was moving progressively forward into new creative areas almost day by day. Through my resolve to be a jazz musician, I left the touring big bands I played with - Oscar Rabin, Ted Heath, Cyril Stapleton - and, in 1950, became a founder member of the Johnny Dankworth Seven. Back then, on a gig at a club in Acton, the sound from a young tenor player in the interval group caused us to return from the bar to hear him. That was our first introduction to Tubby Hayes, who, in an all too short career, achieved international acclaim. A second tenor saxophonist featured on this album is Dick Morrissey. He also maintained a consistent level of creative improvisation in his playing and gained worldwide recognition. Sadly, both of these musicians have long left us - but for sure you can hear their music living on through these and many other recordings. Sometime around 1953, I left the Johnny Dankworth Seven and formed a small group with Ronnie Ross (baritone), Damien Robinson (piano), Don Lawson (drums) and, for a few weeks, a new arrival from Canada - Kenny Wheeler. A few years later Kenny appeared on an album I made for Denis Preston's Pye Nixa label. His contribution to this compilation is 'Don the Dreamer', a title relating to his musical interpretation of Don Quixote's fanciful exploits. Pianist/composer Ralph Dollimore was everywhere on the London Jazz scene. I recall a recording session with him, put together by Mike Nevard of the Melody Maker, that introduced us to the Belgian pianist and band-leader Francy Boland. That session also included Jimmy Skidmore, Phil Seaman, Keith Christie, Jimmy Deuchar, Jo Hunter, Allan Ganley and Dill Jones. Vic Lewis led a big band in those years. A much more jazz oriented group than most, he recognised the genius of the Stan Kenton Orchestra and this was reflected in Vic's charts for his own band. In 1956 I was deputising, together with Harry Klein (baritone), on Kenton's European tour. Vic Lewis came to the Paris concerts and was suddenly also a dep - filling in for a trombone player who, as Ronnie Scott used to say, 'was suddenly taken drunk.'Three other outstanding British jazz musicians playing in different groups on this compilation are Peter King (alto), Stan Tracey (piano) and Harry South (piano). My own track 'Euphrates' is an original piece in 3/4 that relates to the floating feeling of a river - sometimes calm, then strong winds raise the waves and then it subsides again. It was recorded in a Manchester record store, the Avgarde Gallery, in 1973. However, none of us knew this at the time, so it is a genuinely 'live' piece With excellent piano from Joe Palin, Ian Taylor on bass and Gordon Beckett on drums. A further fact is that none of the Joe Palin Trio had heard of or seen a chart of 'Euphrates' until that moment - it was true instant jazz improvisation. Ten years later Tony Williams from Spotlite Records got hold of the 'unknown' recording and released the LP 'Live at the Avgarde Gallery'. In conclusion I sincerely commend Tony Higgins & Gilles Peterson for making this and the previous two volumes of Impressed available so a younger generation can hear home grown jazz in progress. Don Rendell, London, March 2007


Bacoso said...

Big thanks to Tony Higgins for this contribution.
And no thanks at all to those wankers at Universal!

BobSanders said...

On the subject of British Jazz I note that you don't have a link on your blog to BritJazz at


A great site for British Jazz of the 50s & 60s.


Bacoso said...

Bob - now linked up.

Reza said...

Tantalising ..

Martin said...

It would be quite cool if the online community themselves compiled impressed 3 ;-)

One can always dream.

Brad Geiger said...

Thanks for this and the related posts. Ever since I discovered Tubby Hayes British jazz has been one of the richest mines in music for me. Cheers!

katonah said...

To good to be wasted;
How about uploading to a host, then charging (paypal) to download the file. Fuck waiting around for universal to get there fingers out of their corporate arses ...

g.raf said...

I am even more disappointed this did not come out having seen this tracklist. I will downloading anything on Universal completely guilt free in the future. At least ' live at the avgarde ' is still available. Thanks for bringing us the inside story.

taro nombei said...

I was intrigued! Bring it on, in whatever shape or form.
Those sleeve notes by Don Rendell are just so tantalizing... Thanks for sharing them with us Ramu/Tony.

francozola said...

First up thanks to Orgy In Rhythm for the countless posts many of which Ive gone on to buy original copies. I am flabbergasted to hear that there was a third edition of this fantastic series scrapped. One of the best jazz comps of all time it switched me on to a whole lot of music I never knew existed and is now amongst the most prized in my collection. Great to see at least the tracklisting and the sleeve notes.

bluebird said...

For one heart stopping moment I thought you were about to post 'Impressed 3'.

Dream on. I can though post about half of these tracks so can we get it together?

Thanks for the link to Britjazz, Bacoso - check it out.

bluebird said...

Checked again. Have all tracks except:

Jazz Rule

If anyone has any/all of these I'd be happy to make up a compilation for posting here.

Brother_jing said...

that's just awesome! it's sad that such an effort got wasted by the music business dinosaurs, but hey, music survives :)

Bacoso said...

Bluebird - many thanks for your kind offer but I don't think it will be necessary.
Drop me an email at
orgyinrhythm@googlemail.com if you get a mo'

Bacoso said...

PS for anyone who is interested the excellent "Jazz Rule" which is taken from Johnny Hawksworth:
Anglo American Jazz-Phase 1
featuring Hampton Hawes on DeWolfe is available here:

Highly recommended.

bluebird said...

Thanks for the tip re Anglo American Jazz.
Got it.

Chap said...
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jazzuk said...

Thanks for the interesting 'notes' and the Anglo American link, appreciated.

MFS Equipe ♪ said...

Hi Bacoso...hope all fine & well with you!
Our new and definitive address is:


if you want to update our link we thank you.
Peace & blessings and...thanks for the great music!


verge said...

Wow, looks like this wouldve couldve been an ill line up.
Please keep us posted if anyone can put it all together and thaks for all the good work you put in here!

yoshio said...

this looks like an incredible compilation what a shame it will never be issued . shame on universal for ignoring such great music.

VINILIJA said...


thanks for special music. i was wondering if someone has whole album from Quincicasm, from 1973.

freedom! jazz! dance!

Rong-wrong said...

EhilĂ  friends, the britjazz blog is closed, i'd like to enter but i'm not invitaded, please help me.