25 April 2010


St Tropez Jazz Octet aka Johnny Dover Octet for Europa from 1969.
First time out in blogland for this great Belgian lp of swinging big band tunes. Similar in style to the Clarke-Boland sound and interesting to also note that this was apparently Marc Moulin's first recording session.
Here's an excellent write up from Blast Kid's well researched series "Focus on European Jazz" over at Laid Back. Check more of his writing out here.

‘Jazz Goes Swinging’ is the title of a late sixties record by the St. Tropez Jazz Octet, a different name for the Belgian Johnny Dover Octet. Their sound is often compared to the Clarke-Boland Big Band style, which I can understand, but certain record dealers want to make you believe that Sahib Shihab played on it to raise the price, but that’s not the fact. Information on who the players were is hard to find, and a lot of speculations have been made. I know for sure that Johnny Dover, Alex Scorier, Freddy Rottier and Marc Moulin are on the record, and although I don’t want to speculate too much, I’d dare to make an educated guess by saying that the rest of the personnel included Nicolas Kletchovsky, , Richard Rousselet a.o. (indeed, all of them would later play with Placebo).


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Born in Belgium, but never heard of The St. Tropez Jazz Octet before.
Not bad. Not bad at all.


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Many thanks, Bacoso. Have a soft spot for Moulin so grabbing ASAP b/c I can't pass up hearing his recorded debut.

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Thanks Bacoso,

Here's what can be found in Robert Pernet's Discography of Belgian Jazz:
Musicians : Johnny Dover (ldr,ten,bar,fl); Herman Sandy, Nick Fissette (tp); Pol Delannoit, Roger Desmet (tb); Alex Scorier (ten,fl); Marc Moulin (p); Georges Wellens (b); Freddy Rottier (dms).
Recorded in Breda (NL), 22nd December 1968.
Tracklist: First love / Jazz for two / Car man's trouble / Why not? / Before sunrise / Wild journey / Dark Sunday / You couldn't / Message to Steve / Spring time / Beach breeze / Cool it baby / Blues for a local affair / Let's get swinging.

(I do not have access to the discography as I am currently overseas but I wish to thank my friend Claude @ the Sweet & Hot Jazz Club for sending me the info).

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Curiousity & Wondrousness is where I came from,made-off and will oblige to...:)

Thanks Bumpy!

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Hi Bacoso,
since we are in the subject of Low Countries jazz, here is something that should be of interest to you and visitors of this blog: the Dutch band Brand New Orleans, an amazing combination of post-bop and afro-caribbean drumming. It was released c.1994/95 but, as far as I know, it's out of print.
Credits: Ben van den Dungen (tenor- en sopraan sax) ; Jarmo Hoogendijk (trompet) ; Juraj Stanik (piano en orgel) ; Harry Emery (bas) ; John Engels (drums) ; Willem Jansen (afrikaanse percussie).
Here is the link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/pz09mi
Title of file:Brand New Orleans (NL) Size 96MB Quality:256k ripped from my original CD. No scan. As previously explained, I'm overseas, the rip is on my hard drive, the orginal in Brussels. It's a way of saying thanks for all the amazing music I DL from you.

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Thanks a lot,nice sound and obscure,Another great post.

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