28 January 2010


To my utmost annoyance I am now having to personally moderate the comments left at Orgy In Rhythm due to a few shitty fuckers who have chosen to dump their totally worthless spam in the comments boxes at this site.
So from now on all comments-good or bad-will be posted as usual but I will now remove the crap that the spam spewing pricks leave.Genuine commentators will just have to wait a little longer to see their words of wisdom - or rubbish as the case may be - appear here at OIR.
While I am on the subject of comments I have been receiving a number telling me readers are having problems downloading links or that links have been removed or Rapidshare are directing them elsewhere within their site.I have now checked my last 25 posts to find that Rapidshare have pulled the majority for copyright violation "This file is copyrighted and may not be distributed without permission of the copyright holder etc etc" which is very unusual and has not happened to me before in such numbers - in fact I believe this to be a ploy of Rapidshare to get downloaders signed up for their service and then...well who knows?However please do continue to trawl the Orgy In Rhythm archives as with the exception of the rapidshare.de posts from a couple of years back there are still 100s of dload links still active.
I will now be switching to Mediafire for all future posts and to reup a few of the recent deletions.
Anyway here are a few polite points I want to make to all Orgy In Rhythm visitors :

1.This is a blog not a library.It is not my job ; I don't get paid for it ;I run it on my own.If an album appears here I have bought it.I do not share third party rips or material from soulseek etc.
2.As stated above I have used Rapidshare for 5 years and consequently all my currently available 300+ files are stored there.These will continue to be available until (or if) Rapidshare pull them for either copyright violation or lack of use.
3.Links that have expired due to lack of dloads,time etc will be marked
"The file could not be found. Please check the download link."
Please don't expect a response to comments asking me if I will re-up these dead links or any pulled for other reasons.It isn't that I find it annoying it's just a waste of your time as I am not here to reup files upon request.Some old posts will undoubtedly re-appear from time to time and I will make the decision which ones will be selected.
4.Last but not least the comments to dloads ratio is usually pretty poor.If you don't want to comment thats fine by me but f' fucks sake don't be one of the scrounging shitlegs who only ever leave a comment to ask for a repost or a reup.

Rant over I'm off to the pub.


Bacoso said...

For once I'm going to ask that comments are not left on this particular post.It's not a topic for discussion here and I don't intend to sit and moderate comments ranting on about rapidshare,free internet use,music sharing and all the other bollocks we've been bored to death with previously in blogland.
So the only comments that will appear here are ones that
1.Make me laugh
2.Are genuinely interesting or useful
All others will be dealt with by Bacoso's delete button.

Brother_jing said...

What do you call a monkey in a minefield ?
A Baboom!!

jahknee said...

I'm truly sorry to hear that your wonderful site is being 'critized" for not fixin uploads as if you owe anyone anything..I hope I wasn't one of them...All I can say is your site has been a joy to me just to peruse and read the descriptions of music I don't even know about, and yes, to find out-of-print treasures...and if there's anything I can do to help, please email me at rebel.heat@yahoo.com
And ,again, SORRY!!!

Simon666 said...

I think you should do another rant when you get BACK from the pub :)

b3playr said...

I am Dr. Adewole Aremu - a director with the Union Bank of Nigeria in Lagos - and I wish to speak to you most urgently about a matter regarding the sum of $39,000,000 US Dollars...

But seriously, I'm sorry to read that rant. I really appreciate what you're doing and am inspired to do the same. I'm too lazy to record vinyl in real time, so I might start with OOP CDs, for what they're worth. I'll let you know if I get that off the ground. It will most likely be at my new blog: http://b3playr-innerloop.blogspot.com/


freebones said...

i just recently learned: you can block anonymous comments (which i believe you already do) but more importantly, there is apparently a way to IP block spam posters. i don't know much about this, but i thought you'd care to know.

thanks as always.

geoff29 said...

Just have to comment, that was really well stated!

thanks for the blog, matters to me!

cooljazz said...

Right on. You're absolutely right. I completely agree with your decisions.

craig said...

If I lived in your part of the world i would come down and buy you a keg of whatever you like, i owe you at least that much, I'd given up looking for some of these years ago.

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hope the pub think went well mate, as it sounds like you need a beer or two..anyhows, as a blog contributor myself, never has a truer word been said.

Keep the faith, keep it up and keep giving them hell.

Killer Groove.

blackclassical said...

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colinlevett said...

furry muff squire!!i'm afraid i am guilty of raping your posts without leaving a comment on all of em,but rest asured will do in future.keep up the good work too,it's a bloody good blog mate!see ya..a very musically happy essex boy...hehe

Andy said...

All fair enough Bacoso,it is amazing how many people say stuff all except when the link is down.There does seem to be a regular bunch of guys (and girls) who say thanks,give decent advice and reviews.Needless to say,I appreciate your (unpaid) work and if I can help in anyway feel free to ask.Enjoy your pint!

Bacoso said...

Thats it no more comments will be published at this post -thanks for the humour,words of solidarity etc etc etc and especially blackclassicals super spam message!

blackclassical said...

i give you best possible price...

Bacoso said...

ok thats enough smartarse....

blackclassical said...


Bacoso said...

£2.99????Its a deal you tight northern bastard....

blackclassical said...

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ish said...

I had to tun that "word verification" thingy on my blogs cause of spam, most of it seemingly Asian. That seems to stop it though

What does it mean that Chinese pimps think music bloggers would make good clients?

Doug said...

You are pure gold. I cannot thank you enough so I generally don't but your comments have me feeling guilty for not thanking you enough. So Mucho Mucho Gracias for the absolutely stellar blog. I only wish all your links could be permanent. There's a real education to be had here. Peace and Love.

blackclassical said...

Ladies and gentlemen, doday we have been blessed with the presence of royalty!!!

Insert: Big round of applause

Enough enough... and bow your miserable arse down and forsake all others on to me.

Yo fackin cants! Put the kettle on errol...

Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria said...

all i have to say is that you run an amazing blog. for a long time i have been looking to learn more about latin jazz, and i feel that this blog is an amazing source! i commend you for the work you do. if you accept donations via paypal let us know. i know i be willing to donate some $ to a good cause.



janbeatz said...

rant on buddy..takes a lot of work and is born out of love for the music...which is we are all here right?

thundergiant007 said...

well said. rapidshare has gone down the shitter lately and now we have a very grave situation where congress is trying to pass an "internet blacklisting" law......i guess not just rapidshare but the whole country is going down the shitter. anyways good to hear you have mediafire link up now, and i will endure being ridiculed as a scrounging shitleg just as long as you reup chitinous ensemble

have a peachy one buddy

hooks said...

one of the good guys, posting things to expand peoples already voluminous wants lists, hats off to you

fuck the spammers, it's a shame they can't just leave everyone alone, they even post spam in the comments boxes on cats photos on flickr now!!
it's getting so even when i shut my eyes to go to sleep i get bombarded by adverts for crap i knew i never needed!

keep up the good work monsieur, you wouldn't want me commenting on every post i enjoy so i'm hoping this heartfelt thank you will suffice...........

rant away, it shows you care

Eric said...
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