30 May 2009


I ripped this last week in WAV format as a favour for someone who had a big influence on my record buying many years ago.I'd forgotten just how good it is so I figured I ought to stick it up here again.
Reposted from July 06
Tito is joined by Willie Bobo,Patato Valdez and Mongo Santamaria on this super heavyweight percussion rinse out from 1956 and it really rocks.Check out the pneumatic drill on the cover to get an idea of what a banging set of percussion workouts this is.
Killer Driller Ear Hole Filler-Hardcore stuff beginning to end.

10 May 2009


Claudio Madeiros for Nucleus USA from 1975.
Killer Brazilian funky fusion set on an obscure little label out of San Francisco.
Big tune on this is "Soar" but rest is just as good with that lovely bubbling clavinet sound on most of the tunes.If you like early 70s Azymuth,Donato,Valle and the like you'll love this.
Dusty Groove review(where it's now unavailable):
A fantastic batch of jazzy grooves featuring Claudio Medeiros and Victor M of the group Made In Brasil, plus other associates from the Bay Area fusion scene of the 70s! The record's got a strong mix of mellow tunes and funkier ones with touches of Brazilian jazz and CTI fusion swirled together in a San Francisco sunny mode. The set includes the incredible groover "Soar", which has nice moog bubbling through a jazzy midtempo groove and features many other great tunes like "Cachaca", "Generous", "Green Olives", "Grape Woman", and "Rotation"


Reposted from OIR september 07.
I was lucky enough to pick this up on a Japanese cd reissue yesterday so here's a sonically improved rip of this CTI bomb which sounds better than my original vinyl rip.
Don Sebesky for CTI from 1973.I avoided this like the plague for 30 years imagining it to be all that was bloated and bland from CTI which sure churned out some shite in it's time.Then I saw it posted last year at Le Blog de Pekis ripped @128 from the jap cd.And I downloaded it to see if my preconceptions were right.They were not.It was fantastic!Absolutely fucking fantastic!!
From the Axelrod sounding "Psalm 150" and "Semi-Tough" ,the gorgeous "Song to a Seagull" to the banging fusion of "Firebird/Birds of Fire"(Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Stravinsky head on)this really is....All Killer,No Filler.
AMG on the case:
This may have been Creed Taylor's most ambitious single project. As the cash was flowing in the wake of Deodato's massive "2001" hit, Taylor rounded up almost every headliner on CTI's roster, had house-arranger Don Sebesky write big-thinking charts for them, and gave Sebesky top billing and two LPs of space. Two decades later, the lineup reads almost like a gathering of the gods -- Freddie Hubbard, Randy Brecker, Hubert Laws, Paul Desmond, Joe Farrell, Grover Washington, Jr., Milt Jackson, George Benson, Bob James, Ron Carter, Jack DeJohnette, Billy Cobham, Airto Moreira, Jackie Cain and Roy Kral, all on one album. Thankfully the musicmaking lives up to the billing. Everything that gave CTI its distinctive sound and identity is here -- the classical adaptations (Stravinsky's Firebird is merged shotgun-style with John McLaughlin's "Birds of Fire"), elaborate orchestrations and structuring, pop-tune covers, plenty of room for the star soloists to stretch out in a combo format. The stars all come out to shine; Desmond sounds especially inspired in a shimmering "Song to a Seagull" and Hubbard and Washington burn furiously on the appropriately-titled "Free as a Bird." And Sebesky was given a flyer to experiment; hence the wild extended swarms of freeform strings on "Firebird" and Laws' fancy Echoplexed winds on "Fly." The two original LPs were gathered in a classical-style box, complete with a booklet of photos and an interview with Sebesky, but the austere CBS CD reissue condenses everything onto a generic single disc. However less ostentatious, Giant Box still ranks as a sensational coup and a reminder of how potent CTI was at its peak. ~ Richard S. Ginell, All Music Guide
Piano/Electric Piano/Organ/Accordion/Clavinet: Don Sebesky (piano on "Semi-Tough" electric piano on "Firebird/Birds of Fire", "Song To A Seagull, "Free As A Bird" organ on "Semi-Tough" accordian on "Free As a Bird", "Circles" clavinet on "Semi-Tough")Piano/Organ: Bob James (piano on "Vocalise" piano solo on "Free as a Bird", "Circles" organ solo on "Psalm 150", "Semi-Tough")Bass/Electric Bass/Piccolo Bass: Ron CarterDrums: Billy Cobham (on "Firebird/Birds of Fire", "Psalm 150", "Semi-Tough") Jack DeJohnette (on "Song to a Seagull", "Free as a Bird", "Vocalise", "Fly", "Circles")Vocal: Jackie Cain and Roy Kral (on "Psalm 150") Don Sebesky (on Introduction to "Psalm 150", vocal solo on "Fly")Horns and Woodwinds: 16 in all including Randy Brecker, trumpet and flugelhorn Garnett Brown, trombone 3 trumpets, 5 trombones, 2 French horns, five sax/flutes, one tubaGuitar: George Benson (solo on "Semi-Tough") Harry Leahey (on "Firebird/Birds of Fire")Percussion: Airto (on "Firebird/Birds of Fire", "Circles", "Semi-Tough") Rubens Bassini (conga on "Psalm 150") Dave Friedman Phil Kraus Ralph McDonald (on "Psalm 150")Saxophone: Paul Desmond (alto solo on "Song to a Seagull", "Vocalise") Joe Farrell (soprano solo on "Circles") Grover Washington, Jr. (alto solo on "Semi-Tough" soprano solo on "Free As A Bird")Vibraphone: Milt Jackson (solo on "Vocalise")Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Freddie Hubbard (trumpet solo on "Firebird/Birds Of Fire", "Psalm 150" flugelhorn solo on "Free As A Bird")Flute/Soprano Saxophone: Hubert Laws (flute solo on "Firebird/Birds Of Fire", "Fly", "Circles")Violin: 14Cello: 4Harp: Margaret RossConcert string bass: Homer MenschVocal background: Lani Groves, Carl Caldwell, Tasha Thomas
The interlude between "Fly" and "Circles" is performed by Jack DeJohnette, Ron Carter, Joe Farrell, and Hubert Laws.
Reissued in Japan on cd but tough to find-no vinyl reissues.

4 May 2009


Emiliano Salvador for Areito Cuba from 1980.
Emiliano Salvador-Keyboards,Melodica,Arrangements;Trumpets-Arturo Sandoval,Manuel Mirabal,Andresito Castro,Andres Castro;Trombones-Enrique Perez,Geovani Mancebo;Bass-Eduardo Ramos;Percussion-Robero Garcia, Jose Quintana (Chango);Drums,Percussion-Frank Bejerano.

Cuban jazz kicks ass!
Check out the bangers "Luna Wanestein","Poly" and one of my all time raves "Son En 7/4"!
Groove to the swinging "Cancion Isela" and "Con Sabor.."
Fall asleep to the bolero "Tengo".
Well 5 out of 6 ain't bad!
All Killer No Filler.....almost!

3 May 2009


Kenny Burrell for Fantasy from 1974.
Kenny Burrell-Guitar;Jerome Richardson-Flute,Saxes;Richard Wyands-Electric Piano;Andy Simpkins-Bass;Lenny McBrowne-Drums;Mayuto Correa-Percussion

Great mid 70s session from Kenny Burrell with that typical Fantasy fusion sound featuring the old club fave "Up The Street etc" by Onaje Alan Gumbs,a couple of Burrell originals, "Afro Blue" and a closing 9 minute workout of Richard Evans' "Soulero".