12 March 2009


Masabumi Kikuchi for Flying Disk Japan from 1978.
Masabumi Kikuchi-Piano;Gary Peacock-Bass;AlFoster-Drums;Badal Roy-Tabla;Alyrio Lima-Percussion;Azzedin Weston-Percussion.
Another Blogland exclusive for this one from Japan.
A wonderful piece of piano trio dynamics augmented by percussion (check the enclosed rear sleeve credits).When I bought this I wasn't really taken by it at all....but the more I listened the more the album grew on me and now I'm just blown away by it.
Check out Gary Peacock's "Pumu #1" featuring Badal Roy in full effect embellishing a static motif allowing Kikuchi to go into full flow.
"Circle Dance" is as it sounds and perhaps the acoustic cousin of the fantastic "Circle Line" from Kikuchi's 1981 release "Susto".
The whole lp is great so just download and open your mind....fabulous music...highly recommended.
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8 March 2009


Cinematic Travels (Ron Trent) for Village Japan from 2007.
and now for something completely different....

Congas - Angel Figueroa/Keyboards - Ron Trent/Percussion - Angel Figueroa, Ron Trent
Piano [Rhodes] - Ron Trent,Programmed By - Ron Trent,Violin - Dorian Chea
One for the come down .....
Here's Ron's view :
Cinematic Travels with the first album released entitled Ancient Future which is an experimental Jazz/World music influenced project I worked on for about a year. It’s combination of live and electronic elements fused together. I got a chance to work with a few great musicans such as Karsh Kale from Tabla Beat Science, Angel Figaroea, a master percussionist who’s played with Herbie Hancock but also Sting, Celia Cruz, Mongo Santamaria, and Vinx just to name a few, another featured percussionist Ken Robertson and my friend Gary Durdan from the famous TV show CSI. The album is a fusion of traditional folkloric ryhthms and visual orchestration.

OIR luvs Detroit
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7 March 2009


The Prime Element for Trova Argentina from 1976.
Arranged By - Carlos Franzetti
Electric Piano [Rhodes],Piano,Guitar - Carlos Franzetti ;Bass - Alex Layne , Greg Maker ;Cello - Patricia Akua Dixon ;Congas - Ray Mantilla ;Drums - Omar Clay ;;Flute, Clarinet - Mauricio Smith ;French Horn - Greg Williams ;Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor] - Kenny Rogers , Marvin Blackman Viola - Maxine Roach ;Violin - Carl Ector , Gayle Dixon Clay

First posted at OIR August 06.
Check the line up and be prepared for a latin fusion monster tour de force from Franzetti.So many killer cuts -"Southamelodic","Prime Element","Lola","Aldebaran" and the slammin' "Shave and Haircut".
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Composer/coonductor Carlos Franzetti's musical range seems to know no limits. Symphonic and chamber works, big band, Latin jazz and film scores have all been the focus of his vast talent. Music lovers are bound to know Franzetti's work since this artist has been a major force in the classical music field over the last 20 years. Born in Buenos Aires , Argentina , a young and ambitious Carlos Franzetti, moves to New York in 1974 to pursue a musical career. Soon after his arrival he puts together a group, which he calls The Prime Element . In 1976 they record an album entitled ' Alborada '.This unique session is a musical journey that immediately represents all aspects of Franzetti's talent as an arranger, composer and musician. Seeking his own style, developing his versatility and translating it into a intelligent deep mix of fusion, spiritual-modal jazz and soul. The result is this rare beautiful gem. Franzetti is a complete jazz artist and an innovator. He created a mature masterpiece at such young age, and after thirty years it can be labeled as timeless.

1 March 2009


Cicci Santucci and Enzo Scoppa Quintet for Fly from 1971.
Cicci Santucci -Trumpet;Enzo Scoppa -Tenor;Bruno Briaco -Drums;Franco D'Andrea-Piano;Bruno Tommaso-Bass
Another bomb from Italy!
Is it Library? Is it Jazz ? Who cares with music this good!
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