7 November 2009


Randy Weston For CTI from 1972.
Arranged By - Don Sebesky;Bass - Bill Wood (2) (tracks: B1) , Ron Carter ;Drums - Bill Cobham ;English Horn, Clarinet, Flute - George Marge ;Flugelhorn - Alan Rubin , John Frosk , Marvin Stamm ;Flute - Hubert Laws ;French Horn - Brooks Tillotson , James Buffington ;Oboe, Clarinet, Flute - Romeo Penque ;Piano - Randy Weston
Saxophone [Tenor] - Grover Washington, Jr ;Synthesizer [Moog] - David Horowitz
Trombone - Garnett Brown , Warren Covington , Wayne Andre ;Trombone - Paul Faulise
Trumpet - Freddie Hubbard ;Vocals - Madasme Meddah

Super heavyweight banger from CTI - trust Randy Weston to dispense with Creed Taylor's saccharine stylings.All Killer blah blah blah....
Another underwhelming review from Mr Yannow:
Randy Weston's most popular record, this Lp (which he had mixed feelings about) features Weston not only on piano but electric keyboards. Backed by Don Sebesky arrangements and assisted by trumpeter Freddie Hubbard and tenor-saxophonist Grover Washington Jr., Weston plays quite well on four of his compositions; best-known are "Ganawa (Blue Moses)" and "Marrakesh Blues." The music retains the African feel of most of Weston's latter-day playing but also has some commercial touches that do not hurt the performances. This rewarding date has not yet been reissued on CD. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Fantastic cover art from Pete Turner - I highly recommend his book here.


Bacoso said...

vinyl rip @320:

Scoredaddy said...

very awesome and appreciated. THANKS!

BlindWilliam said...

Gracias, monkeyman! Sh*t rocks.

HotBeatJazz said...

That's great! Thanks

Bill said...

Looking forward to this!! Thanks for sharing.

Andrew said...

thanks. again!

Danny said...


Glad to see all these wonderful posts lately. So excited for everything you've been throwing at us. This Tubby stuff is fantastic and I am sure that this Randy Weston will not disappoint. What a line-up. Anything with Freddie Hubbard is the greatest. He finally made it into the DB Hall of fame and he has been my hero forever. Thank you Thank you.


jazzbrett said...

that´s another great post. loved the tubby hayes-stuff, too.

-Janski- said...

There is a CD version - in Japan.

Overall, to me, one of the best CTI titles out there, and also initially quite succesful commercially. There could be more recognition to this in form of a reissue, though.

I believe it's said that Randy himself didn't like the idea of being forced into playing electric and having the "CTI treatment", and while I agree that many of the titles of this perioid sounded cheesy, this is pure class.

Tomaso Alba said...

Brilliant and fresh.



penyabogarde said...

a premiĆ  estem bojos!!!!

Simon666 said...

Great stuff, thanks Mr Bacoso :)

fritz the cat said...

You never know what to expect from CTI but this one... what a brilliant album. Thanks

matthew said...

Thanks a lot, lovely stuff.

motown_jazz said...

Thank you for this post.

troods said...

An old friend of mine had this album in our old days! Great to see it back.

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Eric said...

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Thank you

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