31 October 2009


Tubby Hayes for Fontana from 1961.
Saxophone [Tenor] - Tubby Hayes; Bass - George Duvivier; Drums - Dave Bailey ;Piano - Horace Parlan ;
Trumpet - Clark Terry;Vibraphone - Eddie Costa
Another first in blogland for this British vinyl rarity at OIR with Tubbs keeping heavy company in NYC . Apparently there was legal wrangling about who owns the masters so don't hold your breath waiting for a cd issue.The last one got pulled pronto upon release in 1990.
The swaggering "A Pint Of Bitter" was my very first exposure to Hayes back in the early 80s - I just love that tune - but the rest is just as good with flat out romps through "Opus Ocean" and "Airegin" plus a wonderfuly swinging "Soon" . Nice!


Bacoso said...

original vinyl rip @320:

boogieman said...

You're spoling us today!
Thanks a lot.

Oracle said...

Thanks for the share.

Jonne said...


Thanks a lot for these Tubby LP's, nice to hear Tubby along with Clark Terry!

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, Bacoso, I've wanted this in decent quality for years.

porco rosso said...

what a line-up! need to hear this. many thanks!

Bill said...

Another Tubbs I haven`t got!! Many thanks!!

grumpy said...

Tremendous post, many thanks.
I'm desperate to find the two albums Tubbs recorded with Paul Gonsalves -
'Just Friends' from 1964 and 'Change Of Setting' from the same period. The vinyl goes for a fortune!
For anyone who's a completist, Tubbs can be found here:

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Many thanks for this.

matthew said...

Thank you very much for sharing. We love Tubbs...

katonah said...

Don't tell me ...
900 downloads, 9 comments!!

Many thanks Supermong

TomatoSoup said...

This album was also released as New York Sessions with four additional tracks. I've uploaded the extra tracks here:


mp3@256 only though

raybo said...

Never listened to the Tubster before, but wow!!!! Thanks for this gem.

winton tostello said...

thanks a billion man! another "wanted" LP approaches my ears thanks to you.

Michel said...

the best blog on the net.
thanks a lot

taro nombei said...

fantastic! I always want to get more tubby... :)
seriously appreciated!

Andy said...

Thanks Bacoso,Tubby Hayes very good indeed.Thanks to those who posted additional links as well.I tried to pick up some Tubby albums in the UK but had no luck.

pepper67 said...

thanks, the more Tubby I hear the more I like him

taro nombei said...

@ TomatoSoup
Thanks very much for the 4 additional tracks!

rog said...

Wonderful Bacoso !

Ehsan Khoshbakht said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
taro nombei said...

@ Ehsan Khoshbakht
Thanks. I linked your great discography on my post of Changing the Jazz at...

Thom Jurek said...

Many thanks for this Grail, Bacoso; you've come up with an amazing one here. MY first expoasure to Hayes was via Jasmine LP reissues in the early 1980s, this is a title I've looked for consistently since then. Thank you forever.

HMK said...

Excellent from start to finish! Muchas Gracis!


muttly said...

Thank you for the late great Tubby Hayes

worldbflat said...

I own and posted the cd a couple of years ago at CIA--let me know if you're interested. I will enjoy the vinyl rip. Thanks

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Eric said...

The links were dead. Could you repost? Thank you.