1 October 2009


Bernt Rosengren for EMI Sweden from 1977.

Bassoon, Horn - Lars Bagge/Clarinet, Clarinet [Bass], Saxophone [Soprano, Alto, Baritone] - Lennart Jansson /Congas - Johnny Martinez , René Martinez , Sabu Martinez
Cornet , Flugelhorn - Lars Färnlöf /Drums - Leif Wennerström/Flute, Saxophone -Bernt Rosengren /Horn [English], Saxophone - Tommy Koverhult / Percussion - Okay Temiz / Piano - Claes-Göran Fagerstedt / Piano, Piano [Electric] - Bobo Stenson / Saxophone [Baritone] - Gunnar Bergsten / Saxophone [Tenor] - Anders Lindskog / Trombone - Jan Jansson , Janus Miezek , Lars Olofsson , Lennart Löfgren / Trombone [Bass] - Sven Larsson /Trumpet - Björn Borg /Trumpet , Flugelhorn - Bertil Lövgren , Maffy Falay / Bass - Torbjörn Hultcrantz

Back over to Sweden for this killer big band session led by Bernt Rosengren and featuring some big names such as a pre-ECM Bobo Stenson,the wonderful Lars Farnlof and none other than the mighty Sabu Martinez.
Check out the percussion destruction of "Felicidade" with Sabu plus sons Johnny and Rene Martinez beating the crap out of the Jobim bossa standard... Murdah!!!


Bacoso said...

original vinyl rip @320:

Pekis said...

Always a pleasure to hear Björn Borg playing trumpet between matches :)

Jonne B said...

Man, im really digging these posts. Proud to be swede :) Thanks!

Simon666 said...

fantastic ... 'felicdade' nnd also 'manhattan reflections' are killing it for me today... thanks bacoso

Thad's Fan said...

Thanks a lot! Not only does it sound great, but the arrangement of Ahmad Jamal's "Manhattan Reflections" is a good surprise indeed.

Andy said...


boogieman said...

Thanks Bacoso, I love European Big Bands.

jazzbrett said...

keep the scandinavian classics coming!
educational stuff, thanks bacoso.


Jazz from Italy said...

Hi Bacoso,
I'm finally here and find quickly a great surprise...

the special flavour of swedish jazz it's a good dish for me.

Thanks a lot,
my friend.

_Bato Ribot said...

Mr Bacoso, the last posts were incredible, thank you for this rarities!

katonah said...

felicidade is "severe" indeed. there some other tasty little buggers in there as well.

another banger, thanks Bacoso

El chango Feli said...

Hey Bacoso,

I was digging in Orgy in Rhythm old posts and found a wonderful disc by Harold Land, so many thanks for it, the track "Imagine" is just wonderful.

Thanks a lot,


tanmoy's music world said...

get a snippet of jazz

please let me know if you like it

the doc said...

nice share . . . thanx

Ryan said...

...been enjoying this one a whole lot, thanks bacoso.

GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

thank you very much:-)

faud said...

Thanks you !!!

dputydwg said...


chu said...

Thanks for Rosengren!

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Steve said...

Any chance of a re-post for this one? Bernt Rosengren, though brilliant, hard to find on these shores... many thanks!

kilate said...

Thank you SO much for your shares! They are a breath of passion.
By the way, is there any chance you repost a link for this album? it is broken...
Thank you again!