27 September 2009


Jazz Quintet 60 from 1962 for Metronome Denmark.
Allan Botschinsky (tp), Niels Husum (ts), Bent Axen (p), Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (b), Bjarne Rostvold (ds).
Legendary Scandinavian rarity (Check the second mortgage prices on Popsike) from Denmark featuring a who's who of the Danish Jazz scene from the past 50 years.
First time it's has been posted in public blogland so don't sleep on this one :


Bacoso said...

Ripped from the deleted Japanese reissue :

Jazzdigger said...

Fantastic, thank you very much!

Jazzjet said...

Another fantastic rarity! Many thanks.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for sharing.

kreutzman said...

This looks great...many thanks.

cooljazz said...

Re: Jazz Quintet, excellent album. Thank you for sharing this rarity.

katonah said...

i already have 2 copies of this on vinyl, but many thanks anyway ! ;)

Danny said...

Daaaaamnnn..this is THE SHIT. Allan Botchinsky is such a badass. Thanks Bacoso!


makuma said...

Thank You Bacoso!!

taro nombei said...

no further ado...
thanks as ever Bacoso!

yewsta said...


chazz said...

Awesome!Have there "Presenting" re-issue but not this.What a band.All seem to have become stars in there own right except Niels Hussum but he's no slouch.If you look at Birka Jazz rare covers you can see much more came out on EP we may never here (unless Bacoso or some of his demon friends win lottery!)This is gold in the way "The Diamond Five -Brilliant" is.y is.Northern European cooking
!!!!!!!Bacoso scores again!The Tiger Woods of Jazz bloggers!!!!!

g.raf said...

Big thanks for this and the Staffan Abeleen.
Two geat posts!

Jonne B said...

Whoa, what a follow-up! Allan Botchinsky is one of the favourites. THANKS!

Peter said...

*thumbs up*

thx a lot!

cheeba said...

Jeebus K. Riced, you oughtta change the name of this blog to All Killer No Filler. Truth in advertising, y'know? Setting the bar once again! Thanks!

AmBrOsE said...

Wow thanx....amazing!!!!

TomatoSoup said...

Thanks, this record is great! Playing for the third time in a row.....

Tomaso Alba said...

Thanks for the upload, I really enjoyed "More Peace" kind of Kind of Blus isn't it?, just followed by the festive “Cuba Libre”, great combination.

Thanks Bacoso,


edison007 said...

no matter hoe long im away, when i come back i know basco will have the heat. thanks basco!

Big Papi said...

Wow!! A classic among classics.

Julian said...

looking good! thx for sharing.

GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

superb post and i thank you so much for this rare recording !!!!!!!!!

Moes Lake said...

I have this record for days now (from your blog ofcourse)but I haven't had the chance to hear it. I'm listening to it now and I've got to say is incredible. Top notch musicianship!

Moes Lake said...

Sorry for double post but I forgot top say Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen is a killer!Boyschinsky is amazing too! We need more danish jazz please!

Bill said...

This and the Steffan Abeleen Quintet have blown me away! Thanks for sharing this GREAT impossible to get stuff.

Brother_jing said...

that's fantastic! thanks v. much Bacoso!!

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Chestro said...

Wow, so much music and so little time. Thank u for this

German S said...

Thanks a lot for share!

miloo2 said...

Thanks for all these gems, really so much music for one life...;)

Baron said...

Thanks for Jquintet 60 ... Baron

londoncromer said...

Have to say that I love this album, absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing.