14 August 2009


Lloyd McNeill for Baobab from 1976.
Lloyd McNeill-Flute ; Dom Salvador-Piano ; Cecil McBee-Bass ; Portinho , Brian Brake-Drums ; Ray Armando-Percussion.

One for the flute freaks on a private press out of NYC.
Heavy Brazilian infuences at work on this wonderful spiritual jazz session from the great Lloyd McNeill.Two originals,one standard and a cracking version of Salvador's "Salvation Army" which featured on Dom's '76 Muse debut "Minha Familia"(Available at Ile Oxumare).
Here's some info on Lloyd McNeill from the excellent Hipwax:
The first thing to know about Lloyd McNeill is that his are the very best soul-jazz flute LPs, and each is first-rate, a masterpiece of self-direction. The second thing to know is there is much more to him than his recorded legacy. He is one of those incredible, super-sensitive people who excels at every artistic idiom and endeavor; making wonderful music is just part of his flowing creativity. A professor (at Rutgers University, earlier Dartmouth), he has much to say about music and creativity as well as an impeccable gift for saying it...sensibly. McNeill's writings on his musical experiences provide invaluable documents of "the period" (late 1960s-1970s) as well as a rare glimpse at the joy of a relatively unsung master.
McNeill has played with jazz legends --Andrew White (his longtime collaborator/producer), Eric Dolphy, Sabu Martinez, Mulatu Astatke, among many others-- and he has had a significant hand in the arts scene of Washington, D.C. The major galleries of art, including those of the Smithsonian, sponsored multi-media "happenings" that soared far above the hippie caricature of acid rock with light show. During the first flowering of post-Civil Rights, African-American culture, the Lloyd McNeill Quartet's improvisitory, simultaneuous jazz and large-scale painting "happened" while a lucky, perhaps unsuspecting public drank it in.
McNeill believes his influences and their results in his art, music, and poetry are inseparable and mutually reinforcing. Time spent with Picasso in Cannes, 1965 led to new expressions in all three, for instance. And when one brushes against a force such as Picasso, just the idea of "meeting Picasso" has a certain momentum, never mind the inevitable casting of rays of a different kind of light. Canvas, vinyl, the stage, paper, and books of poetry offer a few key imprints of McNeill, and McNeill consistently pays tribute to many illustrious peers.
There are six albums, all produced and entirely under the artist's control. Each title surpasses anything comparable on the major labels, even Blue Note. The Black Jazz label may be roughly similar in style, but Asha and Baobab are wholly Lloyd McNeill. The records reflect none of the usual external trends from the decade in which they were recorded; all sound like 1971 rather than 1979. The final record even reprises the first (the exotic, broodingly moody "Asha"), and the sound throughout remains somewhat interchangeable and timeless. But each record has its own themes and currents, and even improvisation has its signatures and fingerprints.
Buying: Long out of print, collectors items, Lloyd McNeill records should be snapped up on sight. Hip Wax is pleased to offer two titles for which limited stock remains here.
Warning - McNeill lps can be damaging to the wallet.


Bacoso said...

Original vinyl rip @320:

Andrew said...

how much?
nice work and thanks again.

Simon666 said...

Great stuff bacoso, thanks a lot.

sasha said...

Many thanks for the post and the info..Always learn and listen whenever I visit you.

DJ Payce said...

Dear fantastic jazz ape,

Rather than go through the last ~2 years commenting on each one of your fantastic posts, I just thought I'd say it here:


Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

I like it.
thank you!

Michel said...

i´m definitely a fluete freak!
thanks, bacoso

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

One more time:
thanks Bacoso!
Really dope.


katonah said...

Oh Lordy!
Just to say, Lloyd will be joining me for drinks this evensong ..

Big thanks

freebones said...

hey, friend. i finally got a google account so i can post here now! i just downloaded your share of bennie maupin's "slow traffic" and i wanted to say many thanks! i've been digging his stuff lately.

as always, thanks for all you do, and you'll be hearing from me regularly i'm sure.


Gustavo said...


g.raf said...

Many thanks for this one Bacoso.

I am a big fan of Mr. Mcneill!

swboy said...

I posted my somewhat beat copy of this on El Reza last year. Yours is much better--thanks so much

John Siddique said...

as always - thank you


Tomaso Alba said...


I have many thanks to give you, because I have discovered such wonderful music because of you. There are a lot of old names I have get to know as a result of your work with this blog. For instance, now I'm a big fan of Shirley Scott or Costanzo Cano.



pollux said...

great stuff, thanks a lot !

The Cerealistic Lama said...

Incredible thanks!

Bombolino said...

Wow. Double wow. Triple wow. This record swings so hard. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you!

Aaron said...

THanks so much for posting. I've gotten some great music from your blog over the last year. It particularly means a lot to me because I now live in Taiwan and I've had to accept that crate digging is a thing of the past.
I hit all the blogs: Reza, Baby G, Myjazzworl, etc... but your blog is quite simply the best (and discofree too). Cheers.

El Mafufo said...

I live Bobbie Humphrey and play the flute a bit myself thanks for this and all your efforts.

Bombolino said...

This record drips with soul. I honestly cannot stop listening to this. Been on daily rotation for weeks. So, so, so good. Thank you!

Misongod said...

Great piece of music

maheem said...

Thank You so much for all the wonderful stuff in this blog!

IR e L a IXI said...

hi Bacoso

i would like to make a request or to any one if they have a copy of

lloyd mcneill quartet - Asha 1970

here is a preview


fábio bonillo said...

very beautiful album, definitly a grower! thank you for the great job

katamari666 said...

flutes indeed! Thank You.

dputydwg said...

thank you

fábio bonillo said...

BEAUTIFUL record. thank you!

matthew said...

How long is the first track supposed to be? is it supposed to cut off abruptly at the end? or did i have a problem with my download?

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Jerome said...


Christian said...

Thanks man!

fluteman said...

thank you for the post!
I just read that "Asha",
the first McNeill LP will be reissued on LP and CD in April 2010.
A reason to celebrate and hopefully a sign that the other albums of him will be reissued too.
Many Greetings,
For flutists: There is an album of sheet music of Lloyd Mcneill that I ordered directly from Mr McNeill - also great!

taro nombei said...

Greetings Bacoso
Your latest post (Tori) inspired me to revisit this, which probably my favourite Lloyd McNeill of all, especially the massive Griot. I can't recall where I got it from, but I suspect it was from you, back a few years.
In which case, my thanks are overdue... it's much appreciated!
all best TN

Stratis said...

thanks very much!Great stuff

Anonymous said...

thoroughly brilliant.

rimbaud said...

many many thanks...wonderful album, great music!!

rimbaud said...

many thanks!!!

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Holly said...

Thank you.