18 August 2009


Hideo Shiraki for Teichiku Japan from 1961.
Rare super tough hard bop session from Japan featuring the killer koto led and drum driven bomb "In Fiesta".
Reissued in Japan by Kyoto Jazz Massive for Think in a blink and miss it moment back in 2005 but now out of print.
The old Dusty Groove blurb:
A brilliant early album from Japanese drummer Hideo Shiraki a jazz session that bristles with the same intensity as key late 50s work by Benny Golson or Gigi Gryce! Although Hideo's leading the group on drums, his work on the kit is remarkably subtle done with the snappingly rhythmic style that marked some of Golson's best modern experiments of a few years before not nearly as bombastic as his stint with Art Blakey, and more in the rhythmically stepping quality of his work with Art Farmer in the Jazztet. Key players on the session include Hidehiko Matsumoto on tenor and flute and Yuzuru Sera on piano both of whom give the album a fluid grace that's really beautiful soulful edges that allow the record to stand equally next to anything coming out of the US at the time. One track features a bit of koto at the start -- echoing Shiraki's later world jazz experiments but most of the set is straight modern hardbop, with tracks that include "Blue Romeo", "Etude No 1", "Just One Or Eight", "You Don't Know What Love Is", and Benny Golson's "Five Spot After Dark".


Bacoso said...


Tomaso Alba said...

Hey Great Bacoso,

I have just discovered in the last weeks great great records and artists thanks to your work in this blog, and now exploring into the depths of your blog archives I noticed there is a month and a year in which every record posted there makes my mouth water, unfortunately none of the links to get those records are active now, I wouldn't dare to ask you to upload all of them, but at least just two: Jack Costanzo's Latin Fever and Art Blakey's Orgy in Rythm, can you? can you?

Thanks in advance Great Rythm Master,


Ryan said...

thanks bacoso. ill check this one out tonight.

VPEX said...

Hideo Shiraki - (2006, best) Play The Funky!.zip

Jazzjet said...

Hi Bacoso,
Just a swift note of thanks for this excellent post - and for the Lloyd McNeill.
Have you read the new book by Snowboy - 'From Jazz Funk to Fusion and Acid Jazz - The story of UK jazz dance'? Judging by the music you post, this should be right up your street.

leffe said...

Much obliged!

wara_katsu said...

hi bacoso.
alt ver of 'in fiesta' is here :)


Bacoso said...

WK-well spotted!Never grabbed that Shiraki lp before now just playing now v lovely.


I agree with 'Thomaso Alba' (Fernando) comments below.....

I am new to your excellent site, and nearly fell of my chair at the prospect of listening to a large number of the great, (and rare), titles which are listed in your blog archives.
Unfortunately, the links to alot of the older posts are now, 'not found'.

Would you consider making these available again to those who have just discovered ORGY IN RHYTHM..?
(I am sure quite a number of newbies and 'people who dig deep into the crates' would greatly appreciate this). I really hope so.

Either way, I know I will return again and again to sample the titles you post. I'm hooked!

All the best.

Simon666 said...

nice stuff mr bacoso, you are the percussion king ...

Keegan said...
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Josue said...
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Bacoso said...

10 comments ....1000+ dloads
f' fucks sake this is ridiculous !

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mellow said...

Just downloaded this. Great album on par with the MPS album I will add that to my "want lists" in one format or another (preferably vinyl though)

Thanks a lot. mellow