28 July 2009


Sadao and Charlie for Tact Japan from 1967.
Sadao Watanabe (as) , Charlie Mariano (as) , Masabumi Kikuchi (p) , Masanaga Harada (b) , Masahiko Togashi (ds) , Fumio Watanabe (ds)
This received a “Japan Jazz Award” on release.
Some severe blowing on this double alto led sextet featuring a young band of soon to be Japanese jazz luminaries.
The fast and furious "Palisades" was comped on the Sleepwalker Shibuya Jazz Classics.However the 16 minute title cut is the stand out tune an intense modal waltz with a Spanish tinge featuring coruscating solos from Mariano and Watanabe - hard core stuff.


Bacoso said...

original vinyl rip @320:

charlie said...

Thanks for this one - sounds very good.

Simon666 said...

yep yep ! thanks bacoso

crowd salad said...


wightdj said...

Very much appreciated in the wake of Mariano's passing. Thanks.

Art Simon said...

Very Nice! And an incredible line up. Thanks so much!

katonah said...

Palisades is killing it! Why didn't i buy this before you ???

thanks man

fritz the cat said...

..errr... thanks klaus...

funny that, i really fancied an intense modal waltz with a Spanish tinge today. thanks for this.

leffe said...

At times furious and soo greayt!

chano said...

Excellent album and nice tribute to the ever creative CM. Thank you Bacoso.

hulaboy said...

I've long wondered about this album. Mahalo, Bacoso! Charlie Mariano lives!

Bacoso said...

10 comments against 800+ dloads.
Go figure???

Simon666 said...

fuck, that's particularly bad loser-lurker statistics

Winneba said...

I'M great fan of Charlie Mariano and am looking forward to hearing this. thank you for sharing

dputydwg said...


Jay said...

Great! Thanks for sharing.

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Munnnnnph said...

smokin. thanks bacoso.

BlueNote97 said...


Thank you very much for recommending this. Sadao Watanabe make me seldom happy. But when this happens, WHAT A PLAYER!!!

German S said...

Great Bacoso! Thanks a lot for share.

Michael said...

Thnaks hugely for this, I have the highest regard for Charlie Mariano and think he should be better appreciated for his enormous contribution to jazz both in the States and more importantly, Europe.

OldHippieRick said...

Bacoso, if a hard drive didn't get wiped clean I would of not gotten back into some of your old postings..and would of totally missed this gem.. just about all the Japan Jazz I learned was from your site and as always Thanks for all the very hard work, buddy.... ~ rick

gilhodges said...

I have 6500 items in my Google Reader queue and am only now getting to items from July 2009. (Insane, yes, but there are only 24 tiny little hours in a day.)

Anyway, I didn't want to nick this without paying due respect. Bacoso, your taste is impeccable. And appreciated.

Hebdomeros said...

Awesome stuff. Thanks Bacoso.

neil said...

Amazingly late discovering this; but many, many thanks, Bacoso

nikosan said...

Great post!!