4 May 2009


Emiliano Salvador for Areito Cuba from 1980.
Emiliano Salvador-Keyboards,Melodica,Arrangements;Trumpets-Arturo Sandoval,Manuel Mirabal,Andresito Castro,Andres Castro;Trombones-Enrique Perez,Geovani Mancebo;Bass-Eduardo Ramos;Percussion-Robero Garcia, Jose Quintana (Chango);Drums,Percussion-Frank Bejerano.

Cuban jazz kicks ass!
Check out the bangers "Luna Wanestein","Poly" and one of my all time raves "Son En 7/4"!
Groove to the swinging "Cancion Isela" and "Con Sabor.."
Fall asleep to the bolero "Tengo".
Well 5 out of 6 ain't bad!
All Killer No Filler.....almost!


bacoso said...

original vinyl rip @320.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

culov said...
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culov said...

WOW!! thank you!!

i dont normally get compilations but i checked out that nueva vision compilation because records from either of the cuban owned labels (egrem or areito) are hard to find.

well, the track that i loved was son en 7/4 and i made a note to find out what i could about the artist. you just reminded me, and provided me with the most relevant matrial i could imagine!!! thanks a shitload FAM!!!!

btw, all areito/egrem records are especially appreciated


FlimFlam said...

Beautiful. Just in time for Southport! Speaking of which a little mix here: http://rapidshare.com/files/229596475/jazz_1_take_2.mp3

musicposts said...

you don't monkey around! thanks

fritz the cat said...


cosmic cheese said...

great post! psych/jazz: http://www.cosmiccheese.blogspot.com

fslmy said...

very nice listen, thanks

Simon666 said...

Hi Bacoso,
I’ve pimped you in my Six of the Best recommendation post : )
All the best,

Robert said...

thanks Bacoso!!

jazzobsessive said...

From a quick listen sounds like a stunning record.

Thanks for your great work Bacoso.

Gabriel said...

wow this is a real gem!
emiliano is a landmark of latin jazz

Rab Hines said...

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leffe said...

Super duper this one!

Satchelmouth said...

Thank you! I just heard one of Emiliano's tracks - Angelica ( courtesy of Simon666 at neverenoughrhodes.blogspot.com ) and am now furiously trying to find everything I can from this dude.