15 February 2009


Kathryn Moses for PM Records from 1979.
Kathryn Moses Vocals,Flutes & Saxophones ;Doug Riley Pianos ;Robert Piltch Guitars
Erica Goodman Harp ;David Piltch Basses ;Terry Clarke Drums ;Buff Allen Drums
Don Alias Percussion

And another one for the flute freaks this time from the vaults of PM Records who were responsible for some of the most hard ass fusion committed to vinyl-think Steve Grossman , Stone Alliance ,Elvin Jones.Well,here's something a little different from them.
"Music In My Heart" was the big tune back in the day for the likes of Paul Murphy and Chris Bangs along with the funky "Lucky Duck".
Dusty Groove had it on a blink and miss it cd reissue from Celeste(now oop) so here's their review.My post is ripped from the original long gone vinyl:

The second album from Kathryn Moses a sweet mix of warm vocals, funky flute, and even a bit of sax! Kathyrn's as great a singer as she is an instrumentalist and the album offers equal parts of her talents stepping out with a style that's often a bit funky at the bottom, with an electric mixture of flute, guitars, percussion, and bass. Gene Perla produced the record, and it's got a fair bit of choppy grooves that are right up there in the best PM Records mode more proof that the Canadian scene could groove nicely when it wanted.


bacoso said...

320 original vinyl rip:

Greg said...

you're either
A up early... Not likley
B scheduled the posts... Could be
C Wasted and cant sleep... Highly probable...

well remembered not heard this for yonks

bacoso said...


Greg said...

a is for arsehole
B is for bastard
c is for cunt

me too :/

bacoso said...

Thought you must have shit the bed to be up at this time on a sunday -should've guessed you've been on one too.
"cunted" is probably a more approprite word after last nights shenanigans.

ish said...

well if this record is gonna make me feel like cursing, then sign me up. downloading now. I tend to like those Celeste reissues so I'm game for this one. Thanks Bacoso.

a mind with no ceiling said...

Thanks a bunch for this sweet record Bacoso—one I had been looking for!

Jur said...

This album is a real surprise, especially "Shine on Me".


Vichakani said...

Thanks for this Bacoso, lost my vinyl of this a few months in a small fire, so your share is much appreciated by me.

Here's a rip of the other self-titled album referred to on CBC for your readers to listen to (ripped from the Celeste CD reissue @ 192kbps).


bacoso said...

vichakani-good to hear from you!Thanks for Kathryn Moses rip much appreciated.

katonah said...

this "shit" rocks ..

Oracle said...

I'm gonna get me some then.

Vichakani said...

Good to be back in the swing of things....7 months up to my knees in shit, puke and dribble has kept me a bit quiet...and that's just the social life, haha !!! Add to that a newborn boy (last July) and two other boys under the age of 5 and life is bloody busy, but I try to pass by from time to time....hope to rip a few other gems that I can share with you all now the little one is a bit older and more settled.

ish said...

Thanks Vichakani for the second one.
I'm liking both of these...nice innocent seventies vibe. It's like Canadians are competely not jaded.

Did she put out more albums later?

Relic said...

Thanks Bacoso.

ewalk04 said...

Cool thanks for posting

J Thyme...kind said...

This is listed in "Musica Loco Mundo" as a Braz-type disc, so I guess I'll have a listen to this rare curio.

J Thyme...kind said...

Bacoso, I'm loving your posts, but have one burning question? Why are all of your titles in CAPITOLS? Is your keyboard broken?

bacoso said...

j thyme-obviously my keyboard is not broken otherwise the text for my posts would be in capitals AND MORE TO THE POINT WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF THE TITLES ARE IN CAPITALS?
the fact that I rip an lp and then take the effort to type in the track names as opposed to listing them by number is surely a bonus?
perhaps you could also let me know how the use of capital letters affects your listening to the music you dload from here?

jazzobsessive said...

Fantastic to be able to hear these 2 albums at last.

Thanks so much for sharing Bacoso &

I love all styles of "jazz" but especially Jazz on the funky/folk tip.

Nobody makes music like these days
unfortunately-unless anyone else knows different?

emile63 said...

what an great album, love every track on the album. Thanks Bacoso for the sharing of knowledge

john said...

My god, something I've actually got in my own collection ;-)

Every time I check out this site, I can't believe all the amazing stuff I've never heard of and probably never would have discovered, so I think it's a small victory when there's something I actually know about!

Keep up the great work Basco ;-)

open form said...

great flying whistles :o)

these lps keeping tighter with my partner & dancer

thank you, Vichakani & Mr P. Murphy





open form said...

similar brazilian sounds
with male vocals & flute


Tamba Trio
RCA 1975

"Jogo Da Vida"


sasgroove said...

Thanks Bacoso for all the incredible lps you ripped in yor blog, and all the music that I´m discovering with you. I really love this kind of sounds, so danceable.
Igor, Madrid

kirsten889 said...

Awesome, love me some flute! "Lucky Duck" is absolutely slammin too!

ushaped said...

Yes, absolutely late to this but....would it be possible to re-up this beauty?

All the best!