1 February 2009


Don Burrows for Columbia Australia from 1969.
Haven't posted a soundtrack for aeons so here's a piece of vinyl all the way from Simon's homeland via the miracle(or should that be curse?)of ebay.
Now very rare and highly collectible, it is in its own right a very fine set of late Sixties Australian modern jazz, performed by the cream of Sydney's jazz and studio session scene of that time including Burrows, George Golla, Graham Lyall, Ed Gaston and John Sangster
Here's what James Pianta from Votary Records (who put it in his top 10 Aussie albums) had to say about it at aussiefunk blogspot:
2000 Weeks OST – Don Burrows (1968)
OK, I must admit that a lot of Burrows solo work in the 70’s is not really my thing. I guess that’s the problem with being so prolific, some work is bound to suffer. But this late 60’s soundtrack to the Tim Burstall film on the other hand is simply brilliant. I have never seen the film, as I don’t think it ever saw a VHS release. It’s a dark and Moody score that seems to have slipped away from public consciousness. According to inside information, the film apparently flopped and therefore so did the soundtrack. I believe American Lyricist Paul Francis Webster (The shadow of your smile, etc.) actually set some lyrics to the theme but when the film sank so did Burrows chance to become apart of the popular songbook. Sadly, a missed opportunity. Great Australian jazz score nonetheless.

Johnny Trunk had this to say about it - and if it wasn't for hearing a track from it on his excellent radio show some years ago I would still have been in ignorance of this terrific lp:
2000 WEEKS - DON BURROWS: I love the internet. You can't find an Australian LP anywhere in Australia and then up it pops in Islington. I mean what happened and like how did it get there. This is dead good, lots of waltzes, superb flute from John hairy Sangster and more besides. A great and unusual Australian soundtrack, that sounds rather like a British jazz record but with slightly less pretension and a bit more sweat. Well I know what I mean.

So there you have the experts opinion - now make your own mind up.
And be warned if you want one it can be a bit pricey .


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320 vinyl rip:

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here's some info about the film

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