11 January 2009


Luis Gasca for Atlantic from 1969.
Luis Gasca (Trumpet),Joe Henderson (Tenor),Herbie Hancock (Piano), Hubert Laws (Flute), Chuck Rainey (Bass), Marty Sheller (Cowbell), Steve Barrios (Timbales),Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (Drums), Mongo Santamaria (Conga).
Luis Gasca's first solo outing featuring a burning version of "Motherless Child" and a super heavy "Afro Blue" - here's Dusty Groove on the case again:
A rare album by the great west coast Latin trumpeter Luis Gasca, and argubly the best album he ever recorded! The set was recorded in New York during the late 60's, and features a great lineup of musicians that includes Paul Griffin on piano, Joe Henderson on tenor, Herbie Hancock on piano, Mongo santamaria on conga, and Bernard Purdie on drums. The style's a mix of soul jazz, Latin, and bits of modal riffing and the record features some beautiful large arrangements by Gasca and Mark Levine, in a style that's a bit like some of Duke Pearson's work from the late 60s, but handled with a bit more of an edge.


bacoso said...

320 jap cd rip:

newnativemark said...

Thanks for the Luis Gasca! I'm just discovering him (the BEST thing about this blog), and have heard terrific things about another of his albums, "For Those Who Chant." Anyone have that one laying around?


bacoso said...

mark-those who chant is a far better lp than little giant imo-grab it here:

ish said...

Thanks Bacoso! I had seen this one around but never heard it. Certainly a stellar lineup.

cheeba said...

Thanks Bacoso, grew up on his Blue Thumb & Fantasy records and Born To Love You is a longtime fave and still in the box for playing out. Never heard this one before either. Have to say I agree with your assessment of "Motherless Child" and "Afro Blue" but also finding "Joy Ride" to be as advertised. Much appreciated!

LC said...

Tracklist and full personnel:

Luis Gasca (tp,flhrn)
Joe Gallardo (tb)
Hubert Laws (fl,ts)
Lew Tabackin (fl)
Joe Henderson (ts)
Rodgers Grant (sop)
Herbie Hancock, Paul Griffin (p)
Chuck Rainey (el-b)
Richard Davis (b)
Mickey Roker (d)
Bernard Purdie (d,timb)

New York, November 13, 1968

15658 Joy ride Atl SD1527
15659 Cosia no 2 -
15660 Happy soul (unissued)
15661 Just a little bit -


Luis Gasca (tp,flhrn)
Joe Gal1ardo (tb)
Hubert Laws, Lew Tabackin (fl)
Joe Henderson (ts)
Paul Griffin, Herbie Hancock, Mark Levine (el-p)
Chuck Rainey, Dave Herscher (el-b)
Richard Davis (b)
Bernard Purdie, Mickey Roker (d)
Mongo Santamaria, Jullito Collazo, Steve Berrios, Marty Sheller (latin perc)


Motherless child Atl SD1527
Nancy -
Sweet pea -

Jeffrey said...

Many thanks! Have not heard of this album!

newnativemark said...

Thanks Bacoso! You never, ever cease to amaze me.


Simon666 said...

As above, loving this one ... also a shoutout to the lovely cover of Moacir Santos' "Coisa No. 2". I spent a day lying on the beach recently listening to five of Santos' albums on headphones, those melancholy melodies rip me to shreds every time. Really nice solo from Hancock on this one too.

johnv said...

Many thanks, Bacoso. I'm so glad you decided to return. You are as strong as ever!

boogieman said...

Thanks Bacoso, pretty good album.

taro nombei said...

Looking forward to this one -- thanks indeed.
I really rate the 'Those who chant' album (quite apart from its classic cover). With Herbie on board, how can this go wrong?

El Mafufo said...

Wow I have a couple of copies of later albums on vynyl, never seen this one before Obrigado.

james said...

2/21/10 ... Hey, I just picked this album up on reel to reel . Sealed !!! Obrigado ... Jimmy ...

dmp said...

gracias! BuenĂ­simo!

Tom said...

Killer lineup ! Thanks for the album man!

paolo said...

Thank you for this gem! My first experience of Gasca - really nice sound. And it's good to hear Joe H in a different setting. Thanks for the album.