13 December 2008


Montevideo for SweDisc Japan from 1978.
Hans Olsson - Keyboards/Salomon Helperin-Horns/Ulf Wakenius-Guitar/Jan Forslund-Saxes/Mikael Anderson-Drums,Percussion/Thomas Fantokurtos-Bass.

A real obscurity and a first in the blogosphere.Keeing with the Swedish theme a nice bit of Scandinavian fusion with a latin twist via Japan.
Try googling this and see what you get-nada!
The bass player's been listening to Pastorius big time while the rest of the band seem to be in Weather Report territory with a helping of Spanish guitar plus some candomble/latin elements.
Check out the massive bass driven percussion and chants of "El Travajo" and the samba sounds of "Light Hour".
If anyone can shed any more light on this session drop a comment in the box.


bacoso said...

320 vinyl rip:

Simon666 said...

This is just spectacular stuff, love the rhodes (of course), love the percussion, thanks bacoso

Jazzjet said...

Thanks Bacoso for this and the Barcelona Traction LP. You are a gentleman and a scholar!
Ulf Wakenius is a pretty big name, playing with Oscar Peterson Quartet and Pat Metheny among many others.Must have been one of his first sessions.

Quimsy said...


Now u'r talking - great drop!
Am loving the first track

many thx

fritz the cat said...

no info to offer, sorry, just a thank you.

ish said...

Thanks Bacoso. I love Uruguayan fusion a la Opa/Hugo Fattoruso/Ruben Rada. Influenced by them do you think?

winton tostello said...

top choice, class and the usual shit.

bacoso said...

ish-must be influenced by them.Would love to hear more ruben rada if anyone has any.
winston-how succinctly put!

ish said...

Do you know this album? Some clunkers but some nice moments.


Rada's not on this but some interesting versions of earlier Opa songs


Just found this:


flageolette said...

Thanks for sharing these great albums!!


the doc said...

very interesting. Thanks

Bato said...

Hi Bacoso, thanks for all these trasures. This record is really weird. I don´t hear Opa, Rada or any uruguayan influences here. So i can´t understand the name either. In 1973 military government was established in Uruguay and a lot of people emigrate. Almost every recongnized artist left the country and a lot of them went to Sweden, maybe some of them inspired the name of this record. I will share some Rada music, 128 kbps, sorry. There´s a lot of lyrics in spanish so maybe it´s boring to some of you. He plays with Eduardo Mateo, a musical legend of this part of the world. There´s some great uruguayan candombe, check "La cebolla", "Botija de mi país" or "Llamada". I hope you like it, goodbye, Bato

Bato said...

Sorry, the Rada link is here:

johnv said...

Thanks for this Bacoso and for the continued awesome work you do. Hope you have a happy holiday season!

alex said...

thanks for this awesome drop bacoso!
new to me but superb!

Gianni said...

thank you Bacoso,
another super post!

soifran said...

thanx a lot, following you pretty seriously now :)

mr.gone said...

Did someone say Fusion? I'll be right there!!

Thanks & Happy New Year


jazzlover said...

Just realized, i've spend couple of hours on your blog instead of doing my job, sic!

Thanks for sharing all this gems.
Now i realised hom much i miss living in London and my saturday's visits to camden town and notting hill second hand shops.

greetings from poland!

MARK said...

i am working on a film right now aptly titled montevideo, and i cam across this album, wild!
really dig it tho THX

juan angel italiano said...

Hey! nací en Montevideo, no conozco la banda pero lo estoy bajando, una rareza!!!!

Pablo Torielli said...

Estimado Bacoso le ruego cuando pueda resubir este material lin vencido desde ya le agradezco , saludos desde Uruguay .