4 December 2008


Holy shit....Christmas has arrived 3 weeks early !!!
Not one but two sets of previously unreleased sessions from the mighty Sabu Martinez!
I ordered both today and for obvious reasons will not be posting them so I strongly recommend you put your money where your ears are and pick 'em up pronto.
Sounds of the Universe in London have audio samples from the Burnt Sugar Session and both the cd/lp in stock.
Honest Jons have both the Burnt Sugar and The Wind and Skins(featuring Sahib Shihab)sets in stock -I've ordered both from them.Be warned there are bonus tracks on the Burnt Sugar cd which means if you are a sad bastard like me and another member of the blogging fraternity(hello katonah!!!) you'll be coughing up for both vinyl and cd!
Now check out Mellotronen who discovered and issued the sessions for more info on Winds and Skins & Burnt Sugar.
That's my Christmas sorted - bollocks to everything else!!!


cooljazz said...

Good for you. Merry Christmas. But for us poor souls, how about a reup of Sabu, Sorcery. Thank you.

katonah said...

oh boy.
i was wrong about recordmania, he's asking $32 each for these.

honest jon's for me 2moro.
time 4 a sabu tribute at PP ...

Jazzjet said...

Thanks a lot! You've just cost me 25 quid or so to order from Honest Jons. Oh well, at least it'll be a groovy Christmas.

Jazzjet said...

Just got the two Sabu CDs. Absolutely fantastic - can't stop playing them. Any chance of re-uploading Afro Temple? I haven't heard that one.

el goog said...

Hi Bacoso, thank you for introducing to me.
Yeah these are really amazing gems.

flageolette said...
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John said...

thanks for sharing these gems with us. Have a merry christmas and a happy new year.

jontowel, indonesua

peskypesky said...

those albums sound HOT!!! Wish I could afford to buy them. :(

hevisto said...

We cannot seem to get these in the USA. No answer from the label and Honest Jon's has only LP right now they tell me. Any chance of a quick rip of the Burned Sugar CD for the poor and far away?

el goog said...

Hi hevisto
I think you can also get them at Dusty Groove America.
You are lucky living in USA :)

hevisto said...

Thanks for the thought. DG is currently out of stock. I wonder if the label needs to make more?

Take care.

Your site is good work as well..

el goog said...

Sorry, but last night I could add to cart this there.
Well, did you check this at eBay?

Anyway I've heard that there was an additional reprint plan. I think you wait and should obtain it by all means. I took half day to buy. It is worth doing so.


hevisto said...


Thanks for trying to help me out. Those eBay look to be vinyl and alas I sold my turntable and collection...

I need the cd or mp3 only.

Thanks again.

bacoso said...

hevisto:send your email address to

I'll see what I can do for you

Luis said...


Can you do a rip of this two gems for me? Here in Mexico is really hard to find this music.

Thanks and congratulations for your blog!!!

Likedeeler said...

@Jazzjet: There's a post for you at http://likedeeler.wordpress.com/2007/03/25/sabu-martinez-afro-temple-1973/