23 November 2008


Super All Star for Caiman from 1984.
Paquito Pastor Piano/Juan Márquez Guitarra/Tito Puente Timbales y vibrafono/Paquito D'Rivera Saxofones altos y flauta/Mario Rivera Saxofones tenores, Baritones y piccolo/"Chocolate" Armenteros Trompeta/Valery Ponomorev Trompeta/Spanky Davis Trompeta/José Rodrigues Trombones/Claudio Roditi Trombones/Steve Turre Trombones/Andy Gonzalez Bajo/Daniel Ponce Conga/Ignacio Berroa Bateria/Adalberto Santiago Coro/Felo Barrios Coro/Leo Gonzalez Coro

Super All Star indeed-check that line up!!!
Slamming salsa one-off big band session from a group that comfortably straddled both latin and jazz genres to produce this explosive set.The brass charts are phenomenal harking back to the days of Rene Hernandes' work with Machito's Orchestra, and seem set to blow the speakers out at some points.Rock solid rhythm section (with congacero virtuoso Daniel Ponce fresh out of Cuba)featuring such luminaries as Tito Puente,Ignacio Berroa and Andy Gonzalez who mesh perfectly to produce a dense rhythmic backdrop of gaujiras,descargas and montunos over which the soloists blow long and hard.
So many good tracks on this lp it's hard to know where to begin-"Ban Con Tim" was a monster back in the day but for my money "El Sopon","La Cascara" and "Alto Songo" are just as good.
Let's face it-this one is just All Killer No Filler!
Very Highly Recommended.


bacoso said...


bacoso said...

btw it's a vinyl rip from the original luminous blue Caiman pressing.Does that make it sound any better-no but it sure looks pretty spinning round my turntable.

katonah said...

wow, i thought i'd strayed into shitcovers.
you've been holding out till the dust settles ... then, "boom".
you must have crates of em up your sleeve.
been hitting the palmieri and aguabella posts, looking froward to this one
many thanks bacoso

Don Lahey said...

I'm usually leery of all-star sessions (aka Satchmo syndrome) but this is one smoking meeting of rhythms. Thanks for bringing it back into the light.

MrBill said...

Bacoso, if I haven't said so before, welcome back! And thank you for this one..sounds great!

fritz the cat said...

quite pleasant, thanks

Simon666 said...

"Ban Con Tim" is an effin stormer ja?
Thanks B

alex said...

oh what a killer this baby is!!!!!
many thanks again m8-have a top crimbo & new year!

catacaldos said...

Thanks a lot,i'll celebrate new year with this gem ,bacoso rules!