9 November 2008


Henry Butler for Impulse from 1987.
This one's for Greg and his Orange and Black Spines.
Henry Butler-Piano;Ron Carter-Bass;Jack DeJohnette-Drums;John Purcell-Soprano,Flute,Oboe,English Horn;Alvin Batiste-Clarinet;Bob Stuart-Tuba

Henry Butler's second Impulse recording is essentially a post-bop performance. The influence of the pianist's New Orleans heritage (which is partly felt on his version of Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer") and gospel music would be explored more fully in the future. Butler is joined by bassist Ron Carter, drummer Jack DeJohnette and occasionally by clarinetist Alvin Batiste, John Purcell (on soprano, flute, oboe and English horn) and (for "The Entertainer") Bob Stewart on tuba. Butler sings "Music Came," but essentially this is an advanced trio set that shows how fine a pianist he is. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Check out Butler's first for Impulse "Fivin' Around" at the excellent blackclassical .


bacoso said...

double vinyl rip:

whyan said...

only recently been turned on to Butler thanks to the fellows from over at the BlackClassical site. thank you for sharing this. going to check it out tonight.

waynes said...

thanks a lot ,a great discovery+alvin batiste!

Greg said...

What can I say bacoso -- but thanks a mill for your generosity on all counts as always!!!

Made my Monday and week for that matter :)

g.raf said...

Thanks Bacoso for yet another great share!

fritz the cat said...

This is the kind of record I would have never bought (from the cover I immediately think "hotel lobby jazz" or "music for accountants to die by", plus it's from the 80s) but apart for a couple of tunes it's nice and modal


dickmdown said...

for kimono, i don't speak william hung language,can you please explain what the hello kitty scratch marks mean. thank you arigato for i'm mr. robato.