15 November 2008


Eddie Palmieri for Mango from 1973.
Bass - Andy Gonzalez,Bongos - Nicky Marrero , Tommy Lopez,Congas - Frankie Malabe , Jerry González,Coro - Arturo Campa , Jimmy Sabater , Willie Torres,Drums - Paul Alicea , Rick Marotta,Flute, Saxophone - Mario Rivera, Piano - Eddie Palmieri,Timbales,Percussion - Nicky Marrero,Tres, Guitar - Harry Viggiano,Trombone - Barry Rogers , Jose Rodriguez,Trumpet - Vitin Paz
Vocals - Ismael Quintana

Essential listening-Very Highly Recommended.

For the last 40 years Eddie Palmieri has enriched Latin music with his imagination. It is difficult to say he had one good year above all others because Palmieri has improved with each recording, an indication that he hasn't reached his peak. I'm not surprised that others are envious of him. Many dancers say that he is the best. Many say that he is the sun of Latin music, the most powerful in the world. He is reverentially referred to as the Messiah but I see him as Latin music's leading astronaut gliding in a spaceship over the musical heavens, searching, listening, imagining new ideas and sounds that will enable Latin music to branch out unto another dimension and perhaps make it universally accepted. --Max Salazar

In 1973, Mango Records released Eddie Palmieri's Sentido. It was produced by Harvey Averne and Eddie Palmieri, and recorded in a small town called Blauvelt, New York. Palmieri packed a ferocious punch. Sentido contained Puerto Rico and Adoraci├│n: both composed by Eddie and his lead singer Ismael Quintana. Condiciones Que Existen (written by Palmieri) showed again the power of Latin rock and featured Harry Viggiano on electric guitar and studio musician Rick Marotta on drums.
"We were playing at a dance up on Boston Post Road (Bronx) and I was going through some financial situations at that time. I hadn't been recording and sure enough, Harvey Averne came to the dance that night. I had trouble making the payroll and he said, `Can I help you with some money?' I couldn't believe it. Wow! I was able to pay the band and everything. He told me, `Look, I'm starting a new company, I'd like to know if you're interested in signing with me to record,' and I said, "Sure! A brand new company, I like challenges like that." But I explained to him my situation with Tico and he said, `Well, let me have a partner talk to Tico and Morris Levy.' They made a monetary arrangement for my first two recordings for Mango Records (which became Coco Records). They compensated Morris Levy with a certain amount of money and bought me out of my contract for approximately thirty five thousand dollars. So, it was agreed upon and I signed with Mango."
The song Puerto Rico unquestionably became a modern-day classic that's been re-recorded but never duplicated. The late Barry Rogers' arranging skills were his best and the trumpet virtuosity of Victor Paz was unheralded. Palmieri's orchestra was obviously up for this one.Latin Beat Magazine,August 2002 by Louis Laffitte.

Sentido may offer a better portrait of Eddie Palmieri than any of the compilations. "Puerto Rico" is typical of his anthemic, crowd-rousing capability. "No Pienses Asi" is an affecting ballad that rivals those of musicians considered more as singers than Palmieri. "Condiciones Que Existen" is just funky enough to sound like an outtake from the great Harlem River Drive album. "Adoracion" begins spacily but soon becomes, over the course of nine delicious minutes, a hefty jam. "Cosas del Alma" is another ballad. It may be only a half hour of music, but no one will miss the filler. The liners credit Palmieri's fasting as an ingredient in his success; clearly he understands the importance of "leaving them hungry for more." ~ Tony Wilds, All Music Guide


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Eddie Palmieri - (1973) Sentido

Eddie Palmieri - (1974) The Sun Of Latin Music

Eddie Palmieri - (1975) Unfinished Masterpiece

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