14 October 2008


7" single by Paul Horn for Paramount from the early 70s .
One for the CTI/Kudu heads!(Pekis where are you?).Only the second 7 I've posted here but it's a cracker!
So there I was having a few beers one night and shooting the breeze on line about cinema in the 70s with my learned friend xmnr0x23,the professor of axography,when he comes up with a line about Jodorowsky's El Topo and have I ever heard the Paul Horn version of "The Desert Is A Circle" ?
Have I fuck!!!!!Has he???No way!!!Does it really exist???He must be making it up!!!
But he's not.....Professor Axe wings over a comment from a site dedicated to the mighty Claus Ogerman which reads:

"Dave Blume my friend and producer for Paramount Records, brought
in jazz musician PAUL HORN to my studio SOUND IDEAS, and we recorded
two tunes for 45 RPM, "The Desert is a Circle", based on the music of the
film's original composer Alexandro Jorodorowsky, and "JOY", composed by
Paul Horn.
Ogerman arranged and conducted both tunes with his usual brilliance.
George Klabin - New York, NY"

Holy Crap the search is on gotta have this one quickly hit ebay wow there it is ....easy now... GOT IT!
And a month later here it is!
And it's a cracker-both sides come on like a lost CTI session(in fact "Desert" sounds like something from Bob James 1 or 2) replete with fantastic strings,terrific horns,guitar a la Eric Gale(it's gotta be him on "Desert"),in the pocket drums and as Mr Klabin so rightly says both tunes are arranged and conducted with Ogerman's usual brilliance.Oh and I almost forgot Paul Horn soaring beautifully over both sides on flute.
"Joy" is the first cut on my rip as for my money it's just got the edge on "Desert is a Circle" but see what you think.Best 7 I've bought for a long time-2 top quality sides!
Big thanks to xmnr0x23 for tipping me off.If anyone can shed any more light on this one I'd really appreciate it. Please leave any info you might have in the comments-I've googled it to death but all I can find is Mr Klabin's comment and one overpriced copy for sale on MusicStack.
Oh and before you try and dig it up on lp it was only ever issued as a 7".


bacoso said...


Simon666 said...

"Joy" is a stormer, just builds and builds .. really nice production too, percussion cuts through, love it when the cowbell goes on-beat at 1.19 .. thanks Bacoso!

cooljazz said...

Hi, would it be possible for you to reup the great album of Sabu, Sorcery. Thank you.

katonah said...

looking forward to this one bacoso.
loved the cleopatra post, still a big favourite.
many thanks

wonderfulsound said...

Bacoso is back!!! And on fine form. Like a monkey chewin' cocoa leaves hangin from the trees in an english seaside town... A 7"??!!!! Are you feelin alright!!!!!

fritz the cat said...

airy and funky - love it. Thanks

Hanimex 3000 said...

for cti/kudu lovers uh? I must add this 7" to my wishlist.
... and drop an ear on it. Thanks

ish said...

Thanks Bacoso.

g.raf said...

I didn't know about this little record.
Many thanks for sharing it Bacoso, i am a huge paul horn fan,especially the albums he made for 'columbia' in the early 60's.

dka said...

This is great stuff. Makes a nice companion to the Shades of Joy LP.

Jazzjet said...

Great stuff! Didn't know about this single - a real find.
Thanks so much for making this available.

Greg said...

killed it with this post bacoso!

thanks a million

Art Simon said...

Damn! Desert hits the synaptic sweet spot, spot on! What a groove! Here's a couple Eric Gale links in return. My rip of the vinyl "In a Jazz Tradition" with Ron Carter:
(there's a cd out there too, but it's silly money)
And Eric Gale's Negril is a classic as well, check it out over here:

taro nombei said...

very nice... many thanks.
art simon: you too for the Eric Gale links.
much appreciated

keviekev said...

Sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Jazz Beloved said...


Gianni said...

joy is a superb track.
thank you

Kevin said...

Martin Fierro's "Shades of Joy" is a treasure...and so is this!!!

Andy said...

Excellent,great diggin'.Thanks

GeeeFlat said...

Ha ha ha. What do you mean 'Pekis where are you'? I'm the CTI Kudu head! :)

Brilliant stuff, Glad to see you're back in style!

And yes I do miss le blog de pekis too!

A little Hi to simon666 too, from the days I was operating on 4BB. (I feel a bit too jazzy out there :) )



Simon666 said...

Hi gee, good to see you round :)

veeberd said...

Thank you. Excellent stuff. Any possibility of a repost of Scott's Latin Shadows?

xmnr0x23 said...

23rd in line, that slot has to be mine!

This 45 is a must have, that's for sure. Thanks for getting your hands dirty and sharing this gem with the world! Not only are you generous with music, but also with compliments. Thanks man :) But you are the educator, I'm just a pupil and a follower of the OIR cult. The only blog I still check frequently since day one.

Of course there are other great blogs out there, but I don't have a similar connection with any of them.

Ian said...

Short, sweet & cool as...cheers!

IR e L a IXI said...

ive yet have a chance to listen. thank you very much for this post!

ilca76 said...


verystupidhead said...

Fantastic Ta muchly !!

thefunkygoat said...

I recently bought a Jodorowsky boxed set, and I've been a bit disappointed: my memories of seeing 'Sante Sangre' & 'El Topo' many years ago seem to have compressed the good stuff and excorcised the bad... Ho-hum! Anyhoo, looking forward to hearing the Horn/Ogerman axis bring their grooviness to bear on Jodorowsky's tune... very intriguing!

the goat


flux_is_krux said...

"Joy" was excellent funky flute killer joint! The other side was nice too. Thanks!