12 June 2008


Mongo Santamaria for Fantasy from 1962.
Rolando Lozano (fl) Jose "Chombo" Silva (ts) Felix "Pupi" Legarreta (vln) Joao Donato (p, tb) Victor Venegas (b) Julito Collazo, Cuco Martinez, Mongo Santamaria (per)
"The Blackhawk", San Francisco, CA, 1962
Reposted from the early days of this blog-ripped@320 this time from the original vinyl.Essential!
Heavy heavy heavy descarga session from way back when Mongo was still killing 'em dead and hadn't sold out to lame soul covers and boogaloo nonsense.Features the ferocious "Bacoso "which develops into a scorching percussion battle mid way through and the storming "Descarga at the Blackhawk". Interestingly enough one of Joao Donatos first u.s.recordings on which he plays both piano and trombone - he contributes "Bluchanga" .One of the great latin lps of the 60s.

BTW Check out oir contributions and shares-pekis has been on the case with a couple o' hunks o' funk from the great Jimmy Smith.


bacoso said...


Pekis said...

Hello Bacoso,

? OK in http://bacosooir.blogspot.com/ ?

Some drops of Jimmy Smith :)

Groove Drops (Verve,1969)

I'm Gon' Git Myself Together (Verve,1973)

bacoso said...

hey pekis
thanx for jogging my memory-putting em up now.Got any more groove drops youd like to share?

winton tostello said...

what a treat!one of my wishes for re-up fulfilled.and also where you got your name?important also for this only!

motown_jazz said...

This Mongo Santamaria is awesome. I can never get tired of listening to him. Do you happen to have any other recordings by him? I've been looking for Mongomania, that he made on the Columbia label. I think it was in 1966 or 1967.

bluenote124 said...

Only ever read about this LP, Its tough througout, your discription of it is spot on!

katonah said...

oh yes indeed. dynamite!!
many thanks, i'll be spinnin this for weeks

johnv said...

Great one, Bacoso. Many thanks.

bamabob said...

Great Mongo! I agree, his earlier work was in a whole different category than the later stuff. Not that his later works are "bad"--not at all! But he clearly took a turn in the musical direction he was taking. Thanks for reminding me of the "old ways"!

avocado kid said...

Now we know where you get your name! Thanks Bacoso and Pekis too.

delta_mike said...

this is excellent and essential, thanks kindly, pls feel free to browse through my blog and act as required.

makuma said...

Thanks a lot! Love this man :)

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Dr. Johnny Fever said...

This ones got it all!! Great re-post. Thanks for your continued amazing shares. I just started a blog with some jazzy goodness, come by and check me out if you get a chance. Thank...DJF


jean lafite said...

bacoso, i have a few mongo lp's that i would like to share, how can i send them to you?


Thank u Bacoso for this dope Mongo...very appreciate!

Jazz-Nekko said...


Only a tub-smashing, rhythm-loving chimp with a massively deep collection like yours could be responsible for a post like this. . .

This must have been one of my first ever DLs - when you did you last post this? It must be near a year and a half or two years ago.

To think that after whatever amount of months it has been that I can still recall this beaut is amazing to me because of all of the other killers that have been snapped up in between,

Tip of the hat to you, meister - you really know your game.



Simon666 said...

fantastic essential stuff, many thanks bacoso

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db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

jaguar said...

Never heard of this LP, so I am looking forward to it.

Love Mongo's LPs that I have got.

Many thanks.

jajaonan said...

This is a superb album and blog. Thanks for being there!

I have just created a blog also - it is a forum for discussion on Fave albums - at the moment i am doing just funk. Come along



Chris said...

This is a ripper of an album - I've just finished listening and love it.

Thanks so much.

Loving the cuban sound.


Simon666 said...
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Simon666 said...

Sorry, that was the wrong rip!
Have deleted my previous comment
Here's your rip re-upped :


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