29 June 2008


Peter Herbolzheimer working as The Galactic Light Orchestra for Polydor from 1974.
Review and line up lifted from discogs.com-guessing the write up is probably a translation(!?)

Bass - Bo Stief , Günter Lenz , Jean Warland , Rob Langereis
Drums - Kenny Clare , Ronnie Stephenson , Todd Cannedy
Executive Producer - Jimmy Pratt
Guitar - Heinz Kästle , Philip Catherine , Rolf Kästle
Leader - Peter Herbolzheimer
Organ - Dieter Reith , Rob Franken
Percussion - Claudio Szenkar , Horst Mühlbrand , Jimmy Pratt , Peter Herbolzheimer , Sabu Martinez
Piano - Horst Mühlbrandt , Ingfried Hoffmann
Trombone - Jiggs Wigham , Manne Gätjens , Nick Hauk , Otto Brendl , Rudi Fuesers , Åke Persson
Trumpet - Ack van Rooyen , Art Farmer , Eddie Engels , Hans Thomas , Jupp Kreuser , Palle Mikkelborg , Rick Kiefer , Ron Simmonds
Woodwind - Ferdinand Povel , Herb Geller , James Towsey
In essence, this album is a beautiful mixture of great themes from the classics, combined with the force and dynamism of one of the funkiest rhythm sections yet heard; the result is yours to judge and the rest assured that the album has had rave reviews across the world. The concept of this album is one of continual surprise, musical wizzardry and just sheer excitement. Peter Herbolzheimer and Jimmy Pratt have pulled together a wellknown international line-up of top class musicians (including "The Concert and Symphony Strings of Cologne"). It is an album of moods and colours, incorporating the sweeping grace of Grieg with "Anitra's Dance", the peace of Schumann with "Falling Asleep", the majesty of Bach with "Air", and a host of surprises including melodies from Tschaikovsky, Borodin. "Galaxis" is one of the few albums that cannot be categorized, cannot be faulted and cannot be put aside. There are so few musical productions that can equally well appeal to a broad spectrum of age groups ; and when one does appear, as "Galaxis" has, it is surely an event.
Ripped@320 from the MPS 4 cd Box Set Big Band Man.


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No don't put it aside, it's got its funky moments. Some painful ones too, it must be said.


mr.gone said...

Can't wait to hear this. I'm not usually disappointed if Mr. Herboltzheimer is involved, but let's see. Incidentally, rumour has it that the UK trip-Hop outfit The Herbalizer is a corruption of Peter's name as they'd sampled some of his stuff, but couldn't pronounce the name. I was told this by a rapper that appeared on one of their albums.



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thanks for another one!

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cool,will check it out,thanks

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Yup, this is the good shit!


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many, many thanx!!! had the vinyl rip for a while but this really is the bees knees!

and for those yet to trip the light fantastic with mister herolzheimer, prepare for the voyage of a lifetime! :-)

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Can't wait to check it!
Love the other stuff of his that I have!
Thanks yet again for enriching my life musically!

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great music!
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cover n title looks nice, i check it out in a min...thx man

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Looks interesting...gonna have to check it out.

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Hi Bacoso,
I’ve linked to EIGHT (!)of your albums as part of the history for my post of Csaba Deseoë’s – “Four String Tschaba” (MPS, 1974) So rather than post this message eight times, I'll just say come and have a look.
Thanks as always for the wonderful music you post,
All the best,
Simon from Never Enough Rhodes

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Thanks,love all Herbolzheimer
and play a bit on my show.

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