14 June 2008


Freddie and the guys in MORE ultimate 70s gears!Very dissapointed at the absence of a neck scarfe a la herr herbolzheimer as I have seen pics of Freddie featuring one but I believe Airto really takes the crown on this one-what the fuck has he got on!!!
But in all seriousness this clip from the 1975 Downbeat awards really kicks ass.Fred still had his chops and could blow like a muthafucker and the band...well,what can you say :Chick Corea, keys; Stanley Clarke, bass; Lenny White, drums; Airto, percussion. It's still de rigeur to look down yer nose at fusion but it's the music I grew up with and it opened many musical doors for me-some of it was undoubtedly shite but stuff like this is just bloody marvelous!
Actually this clip is just a tenuous link to say simon has done a sterling job on Fred's Polar AC over at neverenoughrhodes - and I'm gonna post some Airto a la CTI.Comin'up next.


Simon666 said...

that clip totally kicks ass, doesn't it ?
hey thanks for the promo too mister :)

katonah said...

evil'ka'fuckin'nevil man ...

Gildas 12 said...


no words to express!!

I finally find my cheerest bday present of all time : the full downbeat collection on video


THANKS A LOT (again)

GeeeFlat said...

I know in some stuffy circles it is 'de rigueur to look down on Fusion' but I'm yet to see ANY one demonstrate why, from a purely musical stan ppoint. Impro? Nope and this Videao is a testimony to this. Arrangements? God almighty certainly not, harmony was literally liberated yet controlled in Fusion? Rythm? Don't bloody think so... Interpretation? Well, it is just as good in fusion than in straight ahead or bop or free...

Yes there has been some virtuosity excess in this genre. But that doesn't make bop, free or modal better, then, now does it ;)

So why oh why?

Someone enlightens me. Otherwise I'm just going to stick with the idea that it is the most advanced and complex music for great players to interpret ;)