26 April 2008


I've updated O.I.R. Contributions and Shares-nip over and fill your boots with all 5 of Horace's Silver 'n' series plus Bill,Dudley,Bobby and a shed load more.
It's all good and it's all here!


Jonathan said...

Hey there. I'm not able to find your email so this is the best I can do. Thank you very much for this incredible blog page. The enjoyment I've had thu the things I've learned and music I've had the pleasure of listening to because of Orgy in Rhythm can't be put into words. I'm very appreciative. Thank you.

bobhowe said...

Hi Bacoso
I'd love to hear a jump free version of Dudley Moore self titled. Any chance you could up your version. Thanks for a truly enlightening blog.

thelistening said...

Hi Orgy,

still loving your blog mate, and just wanted to see if you fancied swapping a link on it (for my podcast site) for some rips i did of some Three Blind Mice stuff?
I've got

Isao Suzuki Trio-Quartet - Blow Up[Three Blind Mice Records, tbm-15]


Toshiyuko Miyama - Shuko Mizuno's "Jazz Orchestra '73" [Three Blind Mice records, tbm-55]

Both ripped at 320 (and upped) if you wanted to do a swap?

send me an email at the address below if you're interested


btw the site's url is,

all the best,

Or' @ the listening

sebastian said...

I'd like to extend a warm thank you and wishes of peace and love to whoever is behind 'orgy in rhythm'. You've helped me expand my musical mind, and explore new territory. What a gift!

I'm hoping you might re-post The Joe Henderson album 'Elements' (w Alice Coltrane).

All the best!

chrisd said...

Hi, Bacoso -

Cassandra Wilson - Jump World - 1989 - @192

01. Woman on the Edge
02. Domination Switch
03. Phase Jump
04. Lies
05. Grand System Masters
06. Jump World
07. Love Phases Dimensions
08. Whirlwind Soldier
09. Warm Spot
10. Dancing in Dream Time
11. Rock This Calling

Steve Coleman, Greg Osby or Gary Thomas - as
Graham Haynes - tpt
Rod Williams - keyb
David Gilmore - g
Lonnie Plaxico - b
Kevin Bruce Harris - eb
Mark Johnson - d


boogieman said...

Hi Bacoso,

your site is fantastic. I thought I knew a lot about jazz but I am still discovering a lot. Beautiful music.
Would it be possible to re-upload the Sahib Sibab ARGO album (with Please don't leave me). I've been looking for that album for a long time but now that I've found it, the link is broken.
Thanks again for that fantastic music.

bacoso said...

boogieman-the link is still live
click on highlighted sahib shib

Simon666 said...

hi bacoso,
i'm just doing a round of the jazz blogs to announce my new blog (starting finally!)

I've got a rhodes compilation and a john coltrane tributes compilation to start. Hope to see you guys there!

the dong with the luminous nose said...

lost in space (dusty hardrive.com )

Le Dejeuner Sur L’herbe: The New Jazz Orchestra (Neil Ardley)