30 March 2008


Hats off to Ish over at Ile Oxumare who has got big love for Strata East and just to prove that love he's started The Strata East Fan Club Blog.
It's a work in progress treaure trove full of great info,links and even merchandising so what better way to celebrate the mighty Strata East than to bring back a few choice crackers from the early days of O.I.R. when I ran the "Orgy In Rhythm Loves Strata East" series of posts.These were all at Rapidshare.de so the links have been dead and buried for a long time.
I'm kicking it off with one that I didn't post at the time and I can't say I have ever seen it anywhere else in blogland so comin' up :
Charles Tolliver At The Quasimodo Vol.2

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ish said...

Thanks for the plug (and for hosting so many of these albums!)