12 March 2008


Bobby Paunetto for RSVP from 1999.
Composed,Arranged,Conducted & Produced by Bobby Paunetto with many of the original members of the CTM Band:
Players:Bobby Vince Paunetto & The CTM Band: Bobby Vince Paunetto (conductor); Billy Drewes (soprano & alto saxophones, flute, drums); Todd Anderson (tenor saxophone, flute); Gary Smulyan (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet); Glenn Drewes (trumpet); Tom Harrell (flugelhorn); Larry Farrell (trombone); Bill O'Connell, Armen Donelian (piano, keyboards); Mike Richmond (acoustic bass); John Riley (drums).
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RECONSTITUTED" A Modern Jazz Swing CD With Latin Jazz Touches... "Is a potent and a attractive big band that Bobby Vince Paunetto leads...between the individuality of the outstanding soloists & the high level of original material by Paunetto, 12 compositions that range from reflective and graceful, to contours of phrasing that sweep forward with a great deal of honest passion" Johnny Adams ...And All That Jazz the Jazz Authority KNRY Radio Carmel Highlands, CA (50 Yrs.); "Very imaginative and creative writing and played by "New York's Finest", Jack Simpson-WFIT Melbourne,Fla. & WUCF-Orlando, Fla.; Let me say "wow what a line-up of great players" The CD is full of surprises! Jerry L. Atkins-KTXK Public Radio Texarkana, TX.; "Loved Your CD! Great stuff! It will get more airplay as we go" Melodious Mel! WDNA- Miami, Fla.;"Paunetto has a following of fans & Musicians who have supported his efforts for extended time. His talent appears to be wide spread. His compositions are lively jaunts with brisk melody lines and lyrical flow. All of the Music moves smartly under his direction, giving way to many soloists who excel during their up front. However, there is no question that the star of the show remains the compositions of Paunetto. They are played with verve and an obvious enthusiasm for the songs and the songwriter. Paunetto's Music has kept pace with the times, and the Musicians flawlessly render his challenging scores. This is a solid recording with a polished big band sound and a upbeat attitude", Frank Rubolino-CADENCE JAZZ Mag.; "His compositions reflect a dedication to melody and those harmonic qualities and textures which allow for substantial variety and surprise in the manner Paunetto arranges his compositions. His Music also allows for full freedom for each participant to fully express himself. In addition to the high quality of the Music and the Musicians, there are other features that make this album attractive. First, while modern in structure and theme, there's a symmetry about the music which avoids churlishness & harshness, traits often found in modern jazz. The second is the heavy reliance on acoustic, rather than electronic, instrumentation, giving the session authenticity and credibility. True, the Roland Keys are present, but are used very sparingly" Dave Nathan-ALL MUSIC GUIDE;

"Right off the bat i'll say that the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and Bobby Vince Paunetto & the CTM Band look like the most promising prspects, but i'll spin them all..." Ken Dryden-Jazz Critic; "Bobby composed, arranged, conducted, produced and assembled this large ensemble for a dozen spirited songs. His Music is continuously fresh & rich with harmony. It is gentle & pleasing jazz fusion highlighted by "DIRT CHEAP MEETS DIRT", "EMOTIONAL CURRENCY" with the big band feel and the racy title track. Strong solos from TOM HARRELL(Fluegel Horn), BILL O'CONNELL(p) & TODD ANDERSON (Sax) accentuate the program. It's enjoyable listening" D.Oscar Groomes-O' Place Jazz Newletter-Maplewood, N.J.;
320 rip from the cd issue.


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Never heard about this band, but the post and some members of the line-up (Smulyan and most importantly the great Mr. Harrell)make want to check it out. And if there are "Latin touches" too, I for one won't complain, for sure. TYVM, Mr. Bacoso.

the doc said...

BVP is one of my favs and this looks very interesting. With Thanks.

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I like what you're doing here, you have an eclectic taste and seems that you spend quite some time and effort into it.
I finally decided to give something back to the blogging community by opening my own blog, dedicated to the cti-label.

You can find it here, feel free to drop by:



doron said...

looks interesting. i only know smulyan and love his music very much. a nice chance to hear somthing new for me.

thanks a lot.


imitonios said...

This is my album of the week! I like this modern touch with mild complexity applied on mainstream. Riley is great! Never is in a harry!
Thank you man! I hope I will be able to offer some good music in the future...

Lily Kane said...

hi there, I *love* your site. Just found it while searching for more info about this amazing record i just got (johnny hammond- gears)...
i've got a lot of catching up to do.
thanks for all this, it's incredible how much stuff you have here!
your new bff, Lily

winton tostello said...

huge thanks man.deep gratitude...