17 March 2008


Al Foster for Laurie Records from 1977.
Al Foster:Drums,Piano;Masabumi Kikuchi:Piano,Organ;Teo Macero:Piano;T.M.Stevens:Bass;Jeff Berlin:Bass;Ron McClure:Bass;Mike Brecker:Sax Solos;Paul Metze:Guitar;Bob Mintzer:Sax;Sam Morrison:Sax;Jim Clouse:Flute,Sax.
Produced By Teo Macero.
There's a rear cover scan in the d/load to identify personel by track or look here.
Paid a tenner for this in London last week on the back of a comment left on the Hollow Out post by dka and what did I get? A nice piece of funky fusion with some abrasive choppy guitar and aggressive riffing from the ensemble.I guess the nearest comparison might be some of the material recorded on PM records mixed with some obvious later stage Miles Davis ensemble influences.However,"Dark Magus"it aint!
Kikuchi,Foster and Morrison had previously played with Davis and this session was cut with Macero on production duties prior to the aborted 78 Davis comeback session featuring Larry Coryell and T.M.Stevens (More about this here).
Guts of Darkness reviewed the album but with my schoolboy french I can only surmise they didn't think a lot of it.However,it's an interesting document of the times and there's a few stonking good cuts on it including Foster's "Double Stuff","Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde", Kikuchi's "El Cielo Verde" ,and Macero's closing "Soft Distant".
Hey,what the hell I enjoyed it all anyway-see what you think!And thanks to dka whoever you are!
Ripped from the original vinyl @320-reissued in Japan with different cover art (it sure needed it) in 1998 but now long deleted.


bacoso said...


dka said...

You did well to find a copy of this. I've never seen it. You must know better places to shop for LP's in London than me!Got to listen to this myself via the internet.I think Paul Metzke is particularly good on this, also on the Joe Chambers LP posted recently on Eternal Rhythm. He's also on Paul Motian's Tribute LP on ECM. Your blog has introduced me to some great music over the last year or so, glad I could recommend something in return.

colinb said...

Thanks for this-I used to have a japanese album by Al Foster called Mr Foster from around the same time-have you heard of it?

colinb said...

Thanks for this-I used to have a japanese album by Al Foster called Mr Foster from around the same time-have you heard of it?

alex said...

hi bacoso,
many thanks for this really COOL album m8!

Burning Blue Soul said...

Wow Bacoso, I never even knew this existed; I can't wait to give this a listen. Thanks a million for posting it!

heiku said...

Thanks, Bacoso! I've had a tape of this one for years but it's getting a little long in the teeth (much as I am, I s'pose.) I also hadn't yet picked up on the link to Miles' 1978 sessions. A nice observation.

Like yourself, I'm more attracted to the latter half of this platter. As the record evolves, Mike Brecker, for one, sounds increasingly engaged and less like the ubiquitous session player that he'd become by this point. (Compare the rote performance on the second track with a far more inspired take on the final cut.) The Kikuchi-penned cut continues to be the favourite, as it forecasts the themes that'd direct his own work in the early 80s. Pity it's the shortest piece on the album.


Guillermo said...

Thank you very much for this album and all that great music you've been posting.
I feel a big curiosity about this album:
(George Ohtsuka's "Maracaibo Cornpone"). I saw its name, but never had a chance to listen to it.
Perhaps you have an idea about this. Saw many Japanese albums from that period.
Thank you very much in advance

Cabinboy said...

Hi, i actually bought and ripped the two maracaibo albums recently and would be glad to contribute them if anyone would like

fabianbass said...

superb bacoso! very thanks

Ryan said...

thanks bacoso

Jazz-Nekko said...


late to respond, but this is also one that i like for early flavours of pooh-sun's evolution. the whole album is not so pleasing but there are sparks of genius enough to recommend this set!

for those who may be interested in another kikuchi set, this time with joe henderson and hino-san, go over to baby breeze's blog for: "Joe Henderson w/Terumasa Hino - Sunrise in Tokyo" (1971). oh, make sure to leave him a comment, he does not get enough support for his wonderful j-jazz contributions!!



Jazz-Nekko said...

guillermo and others:

here is the Otsuka George "Maracaibo Cornpone" (1978, Trio Records PAP-9122) [vinyl rip @ 320 & pics]

George Ohtsuka (eD, octave-tam), Masabumi Kikuchi (fender rhodes,b3,syn,eD,prod), Richard Beirach (acP,fender rhodes,eP), Miroslav Vitous (b), Steve Grossman (ss), Yoshiaka Masuo (eG-#1), John Abercrombie (eG,eMan), Nana Vasconcelos (per,vcl); recorded on 25-6 & 29 May,1978 at Sound Ideas, New York

01. Maracaibo Cornpone (Kikuchi)
02. Rainbows (Vitous)
03. Telegram (Abercrombie)
04. Who Got? (Beirach)
05. Ginger (Beirach)
06. Believer (Vitous)


Cabinboy said...

oh well, my rip, would have liked to have had the opportunity to post it here, didn't know it would be done in comments, i could have done that as well, i've got hundreds of japanese vinyl, so any more requests pls let me know

heiku said...

cabinboy, you'd mentioned a second Maracaibo album? I'd be thrilled if you'd post it here. Other requests? Man, I'd love to hear the second Kohsuke Mine album on TBM, if you've got it.

Cabinboy said...
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Cabinboy said...

oh btw, would love to hear Mike Nock's Magic Mansions if anyone has it, thanks! Larry

Cabinboy said...

which kohsuke album title are you looking for?

Cabinboy said...

sorry Nekko, my mistake, that's not my rip, i assumed it was since i had put mine out there recently and hadn't seen it anywhere else, i should have known you'd have it, took alot of footwork for me to find the two i have and i live in the us, you're right in the neighborhood

Jazz-Nekko said...


i am not sure if understood your comment about 'your rip', but i guess from your later comments you now see that it was not yours; do i understand correctly. i am not in the habit of posting others' rips...that is rude.

hundreds of j-jazz lps, do you? if you have not visited "the pit" (see bacoso's links), you should stop on by sometime. i am carving out a niche for j-jazz. however, i dislike the later periods of overly produced prog-rock/"jazz"/"fusion". my guess this is more of what you have, but let us compare notes if you like so we avoid each others' offers.

hope to see you over at my place,


p.s. i also have mine's tbm release. . .

Cabinboy said...

hi, no i am not into the later stuff either, not sure how late you mean though, i prefer the 1970 to 80 period and a bit before and after that. i do not really like the 80's pop jazz sound, and i'm getting away from the modern 90's and 2000's that i started out hearing which is how i was introduced to the Japanese scene i am into the kosmigroove or free jazz or old school sound if you will at this time in my life, started trying to track down alot of these original releases and it's not easy, the maracaibo is great, another i really enjoyed that i purchased recently is the fumio karashima hot islands, also like ryo kawasaki's work, jun fukamachi, motohiko hino, kikuchi, i absolutely love terumasa hino, the list goes on and on, and no i don't have that second kohsuke mine album, sorry, but i will post the st maracaibo, i have been to your blog Nekko and i love it! only discovered the blogs in the last 8 mos or so, what a blast!! you guys have enriched my life beyond my expectations, thank you, just hearing things i'd never have heard, and the best part is finding new items to track down, the fun is in the hunt as well as scoring the album, again i had thought that was my rip put up, but then again, i put it out there, it's anyones rip now, and besides, i didn't make the music! so i shouldn't have jumped the gun, sorry to go on, i tend to ramble, look foward to trading music with you all, pls post any requests, i'd be glad to put them up, i am finding more of the older straighter jazz very appealing also, tastes change, i go through phases, hope i can get something to you that you don't have Nekko, tks again

Guillermo said...

Thank you very much. I think that this "Maracaibo Cornpone" is a pretty rare item, never found it, so it's a great oportunity to listen to it
Thanks again!!

Guillermo said...

I gave it a short listen and it sounds great. Big, big thanks to Jazz-Nekko and everyone here!!
I love the '70s jazz, a truly underrated period in music.
I am a great fan of Abercrombie, and would be interested in anything of his early years.
BTW, I am also in dimeadozen, and there is a wonderful video of both, Oregon (w/Colin Walcott, Berlin, 1980) and Abercrombie/Towner (Frankfurt 1976)
You can find it here:
Highly recommended!!

bacoso said...

I've been away from my laptop while some of this discussion has taken place bUT i just want to back up one of J-Neko's comments:
Jazz-neko and myself DO NOT post material on our blogs that is lifted from any other source.Our posts are from our cd/vinyl collections.If we post it we ripped it.Obviously contributions are different but they are always identified as such.There are NO re-ups from old blogs & torrents ,re-rips @320 from 192 mp3 posts etc etc etc...period.
cabin boy-thanks for stepping in so fast and acknowledging your mistake.
guillermo:thanks for stimulating some interesting banter
j neko-cheers as always for a cracking contribution
heiku-your succinct comment totally agreed with.

Guillermo said...

Thanks to you guys for being so kind and helpful with a newcomer like me.
If someone is interested, I would like to share this link:
It's an old album with Abercrombie, Marc Cohen (Copland), Clint Houston and Jeff Williams.
It's a vinyl rip @320. Files don't appear to be downloadable, but when you listen to them, they go to the cache, and you can "rescue" them.

Cabinboy said...

on that abercrombie, i d/l'd it a month ago and if you right click and save file it will work, btw i'm sending that maracaibo up to rapidshare now so it'll be here soon, tks!

Cabinboy said...

ok, here's Maracaibo, enjoy! i sure did



Domenico Solazzo said...

Hello there !
Actually, i'm the one who reviewed the album on Guts of Darkness.

I don't recall precisely what i've wrote about it but i kept in mind a very pleasant album with a great bunch of valuable instrumental songs.
Knowing what Mr.Foster did at the time in the Miles Davis band, it is quite obvious so to speak to feel a bit disappointed anyway ; if the album has soul, it lacks here and there a little bit of guts.

I've bought my cd copy way back in 2003 in Tokyo ; it is presented in mini lp sleeve with the original artwork. Quite something i must say.

Thanks for your post and keep up the good work !

By the way, if you're interested in that kind of music - let's say "free electric jazz improvisation" - you'll be delighted to know that most of the shows recorded by PaNoPTiCoN, the project i'm conducting right now, are fully and freely listenable on line and/or downloadable at our official blog : http://enterpanopticon.blogspot.com

We are actually touring until june 2008.

Share it with your friends, spread the word and see you later on : i'm curious to know what you feel about it...

E-mile said...

if only: I want to double & add another 80 years to my listening devices, damn...
thank you all.
peace, E-mile

heiku said...

A much belated but no less enthusiastic thanks to cabinboy for Ohtsuka's MARACAIBO. Am much enjoying it. I'll add that it's almost amusing to discover how many of us own physical copies of MARACAIBO CORNPONE (I posted a flac version on CIA a coupla months back.) Not exactly a common item, but here we are...


JazzDoIt said...

Heiku, Could you post the links of MARACAIBO anywhere else than CIA? It's hard to find stuff there.

Franco said...

Thanks for this man !