10 February 2008


Paul Horn
for Epic from 1976.
Produced by Teo Macero
Dom Um Romão -Percussion;Dom Salvador -Piano (Electric) Roberto Silva -Percussion, Drums;Egberto Gismonti-Guitar (Acoustic), Flute, Guitar, Bambuzal, Piano;Paul Horn-Sax (Alto),Piccolo, Flute, Flute (Alto), Flute (Bass);Ron Carter-Bass

Paul Horn joined forces with Egberto Gismonti and a staggering aray of Brazilian talent augmented by Ron Carter for this superb album penned in the main by Gismonti.
Standout track for me is the monsterous batucada "Salvador" which is just breath-taking!The rest of the album is just as good expertly blending Brazilian rhythms and Jazz into a homogeneous whole.
Very highly recommended.
Here's Paul Horn's notes from the rear of the lp sleeve:

I first heard Egberto Gismonti's music last summer when a Toronto musician played me a cassette of a Brazilian release of his.It knocked me out!The music was refreshingly different,so vital and spirited,so exquisitely melancholy at times and always played with impeccable musicianship.I told Teo my producer to find this cat wherever he is and bring him to New York so we can do an album.
Teo(ol'private eye)found him in Rio and one week later we were in the studio.Man,I had a ball!The band was cookin'and I mean really cookin'!The whole attitude was let's make some nice music-a far cry from the typical bored studio musicians looking at their watches and counting their bread.
Aside from his musical genius,Egbert is a beautiful human being,but I hardly expected otherwise.Watch out for him!He's the coming new star from Brazil.

Ripped @320 from the original vinyl.


ish said...

I had this one already but I'm snagging that original cover artwork you've posted; so much better than the CD version. What a great record. Egberto Gismonti in the 70s was awesome....much more interesting than his ECM work of later years.

Art said...

Can you believe allmusic.com gave this 2 stars? Great stuff, thanks!

Simon666 said...

great stuff, thanks!

Sylvain L. said...

Hello Bacoso,

thank you for this one.
Interesting journey, this Paul Horn: from Modal (with "Cycles") to brazilian-fusion-jazz.
Moreover with this weird cover.

Anyway, it's a demoniac groove, and it's good for the mind and body.

Keep on groovin'


les said...

This is an eye opener for me. I've always thought of Paul Horn as being mellow, blissed out recordings. This is full of energy and interesting arrangements. The flutemanship is excellent of course. I love the alto and bass flute on this recording, not only for the solos but the texture they add to the ensemble. Very nice. Thanks.

Radicus said...

Which reminds me that I haven't seen any Willie Bobo on here, especially the earliest uptempo stuff. How about it? :)

fritz the cat said...

Hi. I've been checking out shares from your past posts - this blog is really special, I can finally put a name to a lots of the tunes I used to hear in places like Dingwalls etc 20 odd years ago. Thanks a million.

I have a couple of repost requests - any chance at some stage you could repost the Cumuls Nimbus, Grupo Afro Cuba Havana, and the Tamba LP from 74?

Reposts or not, thanks a million for this excellent blog!!

alex said...

hi bacoso,
many thanks for this awesome slab of delight m8!

chrisd said...

Before 1980, you can't go wrong with Gismonti. Afterwards, it gets spotty.

There's a lot of stuff here:


And other albums are on other blogs.

chrisd said...

Here, too:


Look in the sidebar.

On abracadabra-br.blogspot.com, there are also all of the albums released on Gismonti's label, Carmo. Some incredible stuff. Check the sidebar.

I recommend:

Água & Vinho
Academia de Danças
Corações Futuristas

but, like I said, up to 1979, you can't go wrong with Gismonti.

Pekis said...

Hello Bacoso,

Do you remember your Peter Herbolzheimer "Power Play" LP post, at the end of 2006 ?

Well, here for your blog only, the double LP entire session:

Peter Herbolzheimer
"My Kind of Sunshine" (MPS, 1973)


01-My Kind Of Sunshine (15:13)
02-Timbales Calientes (7:00)
03-Sunflower Chant (7:43)
04-Wade In The Water (7:32)
05-Twelve In Eight (8:07)
06-Rockin' Chair (7:43)
07-What'd I Say (13:15)
08-El Soul Condor (10:37)
09-Senor Blues (9:40)

Details here:

bacoso said...

Pekis-many thanks!
An extra helping of Teutonic trombone tomfoolery !!!!Tremendous.

lemoncat,, said...

this is fantastic a veritable ripper of an album, thanx for posting and sharing excellent :)

a mind with no ceiling said...

Thanks once again to you mighty bacoso- but also to Pekis for the PH! Please Pekis any chance of you posting some of the stuff you had on your blog? I arrived late and it was all gone, but looked so tasty (je pense surtout aux Coke Escovedo et au Ronnie Foster, ça ferait des heureux)!
cheers to both

colinb said...

Hey Pekis,
any chance of you re-upping the stuff albums??

Sgt. Getraer said...

thank you, everyone.

Toque Musical said...

Very nice!
Visit my blog Toque Musical (http://toque-musical.blogspot.com)

Art said...

Pekis--My kind of Sunshine is Killer! Awesome! Wow!


tenacity said...

Second that... My kind of Sunshine is some of the best big-band i've ever heard..! Many thanks to you bacoso, and pekis for the awesome contribution...

Risbo said...

This is something really special. I know of Gismonti's acoustic work for ECM (may I recommend you a very fine set he co-wrote with C Haden, Folk Songs?)... But this is something altogether different. It's great to hear a master of introspection shinning on in a different context. But have you ever heard him play piano? Thanks again man!

kaziou said...
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kaziou said...
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fliznoyd said...

Great Blog post. This is a good 2LP

Fredrick Freekowtski said...

Thanks for the Peter Herbolzheimer album. I already had "Powerplay" - didn't know there was more of this :) i think the fake (?) applause in between tracks is a little annoying, but apart from that: great! Cheers, FF

sulingman said...

Welly Welly Well! Much appreciated. The second I heard the intro flute riff on "Altura Do Sol" I KNEW it from somewhere. In fact I still have the cassette compilation and always wondered who the artist was. I'm still wondering, cause this is either a different version (anyone know of different versions, for the flute player in the room), or my friend was mixing tracks together using his magically "broken" all-in-one stereo that allowed him to record radio, lp, and cassette to tape simultaneously! Thanks again!

sulingman said...

Just remembered... this sample that has been bugging the heck outta me for ages..... United Future Organization's Labyrinth - Enter at Own Risk (Bon Voyage lp).... it's that damn flute on Altura Do Sol - Thanks

Ernesto said...

You first heard from Gismonti last summer?? well man where do you was? on Jupter?

Anyway better later then never right?
and thanks a million for this album that complet my discography on Gismonti.

For a lot more on Gismonti go to:

(scroll to Egberto Gismonti & joy it)

bacoso said...

Ernesto-try reading the post properly.
The line "first heard from Gismonti last summer" was part of the album sleeve i quoted for the post by paul horn.And as for better late than never paul horn wrote that in 1975 which was probably years before you heard him.I personally first heard of Gismonti about 1978.Silly comments like this help no-one especially when generated by you misreading the post.
Given all that glad you completed your gismonti discog with this and you enjoyed it.

J Swank said...

Who did the amazing cover?