7 February 2008


Michael White
for Impulse from 1972.
I first posted this back in August 2006 and the files have now been long gone so I thought I'd put it up again. This time I've ripped it @320 from the original vinyl.
Here's some more info about it from Kosmigroove:

I expect you're familiar with Michael White from John Handy's Quintet & The Fourth Way, both a-list ensembles. Pneuma's side-long title track's more on the cosmic/out side, starts out like an Art Ensemble record with small percussion, some nice inside-the-piano stuff from Ed Kelly, going on thru a series of encounters within the group (rhythm section's Ray Drummond, Kenneth Nash on percussion - strictly by hand). This whole side has more of an AACM feeling than a Miles kinda thing, but it is just *so* good. On the other side, "Ebony Plaza" is more inside, just over nine minutes of modal groove, Kelly doing his best McCoy Tyner impression in the background (he gets to do it in the foreground on "The Blessing Song"), and White blazing away on top. The kozmigroov charter-centric stuff is the last two cuts "Journey of the Black Star" adds a vocal quartet (Faye Kelly, Leola Sharp, D. Jean Skinner, Joyce Walker) contributing the profound sentiment "EE-yah" over & over & over again ... in "The Blessing Song" they actually get some lyrics before they sink into ooh-aah ... both cuts are midtempo infectious grooves (ok, I've started playing this one now, it just feels so Just-After-Sunset-Summer-Night I could die) - "Journey" is a bit more *pushed*, "Blessing" just sways into the sunset - both would be prime sweet-soul dancing cuts if it weren't for that lunatic scraping away like he wants to be (post-Miles pre-ALS) Coltrane on top (but that's what makes it *good*). This side is a great argument for the live drummer ... Nash patters around all over the place *tonally*, but damn if he isn't on that One ... always a groove, never the same.


oui said...

i have the unpleasant feeling to not exist here... am i too new to your blog to deserve a reply? please could you answer properly to my previous very simple question (basically still the same one i asked 3 times)?

Art said...

Awesome! I just discovered your blog a few days ago, I've been going crazy over the wonderful music. I could spend years digging the stacks at Amoeba here in Berkeley, and I still couldn't find this stuff! Plus, I've been directed to recordings like Tyrone Washington that I wouldn't have even known to look for. Great Site! Thanks so much!


bacoso said...

oui-24 hours or so ago I got my camera out and photographed the cover of hollow out.I then posted it instead of my picture at the top of my blog with the words-the front cover of hollow out as requested.
This was specifically for you.
So whats the problem now or didnt you notice it-its been there since last night.
You might like to know its pretty rare that i respond to any comments so its nothing personal.
And just to set the record straight its the rear cover thats posted with the d/load so its the front cover you need-ok?

alex said...

hey bocoso,

oui said...

my sorry. i simply didnt notice, i thought that you would put it under the post picture. all good now, thanks for taking time to do what you did and to reply!

TOR Hershman said...

Cool blog.

Stay on groovin' safari,

BreadCity said...

this is so great! thanks!

Miles said...

great bay area line-up and some damn fine music too! thanks for refreshing my memory,

Sergio said...

Excellet album. Thanks!
Please check, maybe I'm wrong, but I think the weird background sound that happens on some of your LPs rips months ago is back, but only on side B. I recall you mention a problem on your turtable or something, I think it happens again.
But don't worry, the overall feel is highly enjoyable. Thanks again.

bacoso said...

sergio-thanx for pointing this out.There's a problem between the turntable and burner which results in intermittent feedback which is hard to detect when ripping.I'll rip it again tomorrow time permitting.

Rayshawn said...

what? this album is amazing, I Sing The Blessing Song to you for posting this..EE-YAH! EE-YAH!

somogyvari said...

Interesting stuff

david_grundy said...

hm, not heard much michael white, though I've been intrigued by his sideman appearances with Pharoah Sanders and McCoy Tyner, so looking forward to giving this one a listen

agartha7 said...

could you please put it up again-file not found