26 February 2008


Billy Harper
for Strata East from 1973.
First posted here in late 2006-seems a timely juncture to repost this cracker.
This great group of players are joined by a quintet of voices including Eugene McDaniels on a couple of tracks who sing behind the jazz players in an uplifting spiritual mode that cries out with the new soul jazz freedom of the 70s.
More info on this here from KFJC:
Texas-born saxophonist Billy Harper had played with many of the greats (Gil Evans, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones) before recording this first album as a leader in 1973. Influenced heavily by Coltrane, Harper was part of the “black consciousness” movement in jazz, which fueled such artist-owned labels as Strata-East in New York, Tribe Records in Detroit, and Black Jazz in Chicago. This session for Strata-East features an all-star cast, including George Cables (piano), Reggie Workman (bass), Julian Priester (trombone), Billy Cobham (drums), and more, including a special appearance by drummer Elvin Jones on the track “Sir Galahad.” One of the quintessential traits of this strain of jazz, the vocal chorus, is featured prominently on the two tracks from Side Black, linking the music to its roots in gospel. The equally-important blues influence shines through clearly, as well; just check out the track “New Breed” for evidence of that. All in all, an impressive debut from Mr. Harper. Interesting bit of trivia: Harper’s next album release was BLACK SAINT, inaugurating the label of the same name, which is still active today.
320 rip from the long deleted Strata East cd issue.


steve.d said...

wow it must be harper month! from being criminally ignored by the american labels in his prime,it's so satisfying to see his independant/european/japaneese/recordings recently posted by some tasteful bloggers spreading his word,many thanks my man for a beautiful post.

Roy said...

Thanks a million for this one. I passed it up 30 odd years ago and have regretted it ever since.

sulingman said...

YEAH Thanks for broadening my jazz horizons

Daniel said...

Thanks for turning me on to someothing I would never have known to pay attention to if i hadn't seen it on your blog. I really appreciate the education, images and sounds - peace

somogyvari said...

Wonderful! Spot on!

alex said...

hey bacoso !
what a wonderful album man!
the label is pure class!

Mulata said...

I knew it!Man Basco,
hath uderestemated youre blog sinds I didden't look far enough.
Excuse me for that..
Could I make it up by asking you for some verry fine reprisses..
Wilst looking throu youre blog for Aticca Blues I stumbeld on some verry nice Percussion recordings,
hens youre blog title;)
Don't want to be a pain in the as, but could you maybe post this 4 older post of round 2006 to share again with world:

*Archie Schep's Attica Blues,
the one I was lookinr for, Knew it was out there, Joe Lee simons,
the star of my day.

*Eddie Palmiere, Justica
(Is the song Everything is everything on it?)

*Jimmy smith's,
Who's affraid of Verginia wolf
(Heard a verry verry funky organ song with a cowbell ont it, rigth?)

*Kenny Clarcke, Latin Kaleidoscope
(Sabu?My Favorite;)

Hope you can agree.
Thanks for sharing again.

Greetings from Belgium.


Jo/No said...

Mmmm, THANK you!

I've just posted a compilation over at my place, www.jonosaudio.blogspot.com, that hosts another nice Harper tune and might be of interest for Orgy In Rhythm readers.

It's a roots based collection of some worldspanning blues, jazz, oriental dub and modern swedish folk music. Also featuring a track by the elegant mr Ellington w Max Roach (r.i.p)
Check it out!

Burning Blue Soul said...

Bacoso, I think it's cool that you posted this, but I just wanted you to know, that Billy sells copies of Capra Black form his own web site via jazz Cares http://www.jazzcares.com/). Capra Black is a CD-R but with full artwork. He has other records including real copies of If Only Our Hearts Could See which is long out of print as well as some other titles. Your blog is greater than ever.

Ernesto said...

I used this LP but i think that was a japanese release on Trio or Whynot (?)Is Strat East the original label?

Ernesto said...

at least this is not a strata east cover ... this is the cover from a japanese issue (that i was shure be the original one)

db said...

great music!
check out Calisoulbrother Records for rare soul, jazz, brazil, latin & funk records!

kizza said...

Haven't heard this before - but the line-up of musicians tells me i'm gonna like it!
Thanks again!

mulattikmac said...

A classic Jersey label.Lots of classics.Thanks-a-mill!

JJ said...

Many thanks

boogieman said...

Great album, I know it has been on the site for some time but I had overlooked it.
Thanks for all that fantastic music.