24 February 2008


Benny Maupin
for Mercury from 1978.
Bennie Maupin : soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone,bass clarinet, flute, Eu synthesizer computone synthesizer winddriver,bass marimba, glockenspel
Bobby Lyle : acoustic piano, electric piano, clavinet
Harvey Mason : drums
Michael Sembello : acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Abraham Laboriel : bass
Mingo Lewis : congas, miscellaneous percussion
Onaje Allen Gumbs : electric piano (on 5,6)
Beverly Bellows : harp (on 2)
Patrick Gleeson : synthesizer programming
Derrick Youman : vocal colors (on 4)

Produced by Pat Gleeson
All selections written by Bennie Maupin, except
Track 5 written by Onaje Allen gumbs
Arranged by Bennie Maupin, except track 5 by Onaje Allen Gumbs
Tracks 3,4,6 co-arranged by Onaje Allen Gumbs
Recorded at Conway Records, Inc., Los Angeles
Mixed at Different Fur, San Francisco
Recording Engineer : Steve Montoani / Additional Engineering : Seth Dworken
Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbank / Mastering Engineer : Johnny Golden
Phonogram/Mercury A&R : Gerry Hoff
Front Cover Collage : Betye Saar / Design : Desmond Strobel
Photographer : Jonathan Exley

Here's a pretty accurate write up from yofriend who reviewed this at rateyourmusic:
Moonscapes was released a year after his first Mercury album, and it would remain the last album Bennie Maupin was to release for that label, the last album at all as a leader, really. This time, he recorded a more formalized Jazz fusion album. Rock isn't part of the formula, but Funk isn't, either, in spite of the occasional funky bass lines here and there. With the song Just Give It Some Time, Maupin made a concession to the contemporary crossover audience. As for the rest, the listener will find a collection of ambitious electric Jazz music. Even though it was not quite as consistent as the last record, Moonscapes was still way above the bulk of releases of so-called Jazz albums in 1978. His very individualized style on the soprano and tenor saxes, bass clarinet and flute may be admired throughout the album. And there are a few standout tracks: Anua; A Promise Kept and Farewell To Rahsaan.

Ripped @320 from the original vinyl-no reissues.


nospam said...

Kudos to your very eclectic music-taste and to the service that you're doing here. I found a wealth of nice music that I haven't been exposed before.
I'm a huge Cti-fan and I see that you have two gems (Tamba 4:"Samba Slim" and Fuse one: "Silk") that are still missing in my collection. May I kindly ask for a reupload? I'd try to return the favor if there's anything else that you're searching for. I'm sure that there's something that you'd like.

my email: keinspamhier [at] gmail.com


alex said...

hi bacoso,
many thanks for sharing this blinder of an album!
still sounds mint after all these years!

Rock Savage said...

Fantastic Site, I have added a link to your Music Blog on mine. I just wanted to say I am about to post Bobby Hutcherson Procession. I don't think it's out there but if you want to feature it on your site you are more than welcome. My Blog directions


Rock Savage

bacoso said...

rock savage-procession is a compilation of hutcherson material the lps of which i have posted already in their original vinyl formats.Thanks for the offer none the less and i'll stick a link to you at orgy.

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ish said...

Wow. I didn't know this album. Thanks!

boost said...

Thank you so much !
more mwandishi-headhunters stuff on my blog:

Roy said...

Just a small correction. Maupin released an excellent album last year titled 'Penumbra' on the Cryptgramophone label.

Jackie Treehorn (thetwoteam.wordpress.com) said...

Hi Bacoso,

we just started our own blog and currently are celebrating 5 years of boozin' and funkin' by re-releasing our mixes! Since we are big fans of the things you are doing at your site, we would like you to visit us at http://thetwoteam.wordpress.com. We added you to our blogroll, if you want us to remove it, just drop me a line.


Chris aka Jackie Treehorn

anoneponymous said...

Basoso, thank you so much for this post. Maupin has such a great bass clarinet sound and unique sensibility, and so many of his recordings seem to be out of print. (Though ECM recently reissued "The Jewel in the Lotus.")

I was going to recommend Penumbra, but somebody beat me to that. Check Maupin's artist page at http://www.cryptogramophone.com/.

matt said...

Thanks so much for this one. His albums are masterful and while I was very happy to see ECM release "The Jewel in the Lotus", I really, really wiah Mercury would do the same with the two albums he released for them.

dka said...

Seeing your post for this made me dig out my vinyl copy of this one. It's been some years since I've heard it. It's a bit more Headhunters than his previous LP Slow Traffic. The track Sansho Shima was also on Hancocks Secrets LP. But it's still great with production by Pat Gleeson. Have you heard the new cd by Gleeson called Jazz Criminal which also features Maupin?

somogyvari said...

Looking good...

steve.d said...

i have always admired the unique talent of bennie maupin,no matter what setting from avant garde to fusion his playing holds you like a vicegrip 'sly' or probes your mind 'lotus'ever challenging and instantly recognisable,a master reedsman,thank you for this post.

Doctor Okeh said...

Hats Off...fa sho, I have never seen this anywhere , cannot wait to give it a spin ,,, many thx !!!!

silkfarm said...

Sounds great...thank you very much.

Ryan said...


db said...

great music!
check out Calisoulbrother Records for rare soul, jazz, brazil, latin & funk records!

Gerald said...

Wow! I arrived too late and now it's gone. Any chance of getting this one reposted? That would be much appreciated! Great blog!


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