4 January 2008


Terumasa Hino for JVC from 1977.
Kosta has ripped this for inclusion in the jap jazz series-cheers kosta !
Ron Carter Bass
Terumasa Hino Trumpet, Main Performer
John Scofield Guitar
Tony Williams Drums

This is the last post in the series.
No themes for a few months - going freestyle for now !


aldus said...

These japanese albums are driving me crazy!

Is there any hope to see

Masabumi Kikuchi & Elvin Jones - Hollow Out

BabyBreeze said...

I've loved this series. Check the Contributions section at CIA for Hino's Bluestruck, my minor addition to this windfall and also featuring Sco. Merci bien!

Jazz-Nekko said...
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alex said...


Jeffrey said...


yy said...

I just got to know hino from your blog. And this is a great share, thanks.

Ferdinand said...

Sad to see this theme end, and thanks for the recent gems. Now I'm looking forward to the free-style!!

Bob said...
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TLT said...

Very nice to hear Hino with such a top-flight rhythm team. It's interesting how fully formed Scofield sounds at this early stage, too.

Whatcha gonna do with that copy of "Purple", sir? :)

bacoso said...

tlt:I guess what you are asking in an indirect way is am I gonna post it-the answer is yes but not yet.Probably in march.btw I highly recommend Vitous' "Universal Syncopations" 1 + 2 on ECM.

bacoso said...

aldus-hot bit of news:jazz-neko has just managed to get me a copy of hollow out and will be shipping it to me soon.Hurrah for jazz-neko!

TLT said...

Hey Bacoso -

Sounds good to me. I've scrounged one LP transfer CD through a trade and another on the Net, but they had an abundance of poppy/clickiness. Looking forward to your efforts, which are much appreciated.

Have you tried out "Infinite Search"? If not, I'll post it to CIA for ya.

George said...

I hope this comment does not sound ungrateful, but I don't understand why tracks are such a weird mixture of low bit rate CBR files.

192k, 160k, 128k?

What happened to the 320k standard?

Just curious.

ndhjazz said...

Is there any possibility to re-up this one (Terumasa Hino - May Dance)? Thanks so much for turning me on to all these great Japanese sides!

π. said...

Would be most appreciated if you could re-post this in a fresh link, looking for this all over the place :)

Thanks a lot!