4 January 2008


Naoya Matsuoka
and Wesing for Warners Japan from 1980.
Back from the Christmas and New Year break with the last couple of posts for the Japanese jazz theme here at Orgy In Rhythm .This one's for Sheldon.
Chances are if you were around the jazz dance/jazz funk scene of the early 80s in the UK you'll have heard of Naoya Matsuoka at the very least through the Pacific Jam lp on Discomate which he masterminded.(previously posted here 18 months ago).More about Matsuoka and Wesings prolific output can be discovered at jazzpage and his website here.
This album is a pretty typical slice of 80s Japanese funky latin fusion-however Matsuoka brought in a super heavyweight latin rhythm section for three tunes-Tito Puente,Johny Rodriguez,Patato and Andy Gonzalez and the results are spectacular on the firing latin bomb "Descarga".
Ripped from the original vinyl @320-no reissues.
I have a further 6 Matsuoka albums including both the live doubles if this one sparks anyones interest.


colinb said...

I would really love the matsuoka music-it's brilliant-also Pacific Jam and the Coconuts crew.

oui said...

sure, some more matsuoka would be welcome! brilliant proposing, thanks bro :)

ganietzsche said...

Thanks so much for this recent marathon of Japanese LPs. If you have the Naoya Matsuoka allbum The Wind Whispers, it would be very much appreciated (I've heard one track on the Killergroove music library). Cheers

milek said...

Hi, Would appreciate if you have and could post the albums 'The September Wind' & 'A Farewell to Seashore'. My Favorite!!! Thanks a million.

Salute for this one, too. :-)

Matthew said...

Thanks for the Matsuoka release, would love to hear the live plus some others. appreciated.

JJ said...

agreed great music, more is apopreciated.. thanks