23 January 2008


Jorge Lopez Ruiz reissued by Whatmusic.com originally from 1971.

The Cordobazo uprising: spoken poems set to heavyweight jazz.Highly Recommended.

It all started in 1966. Until then the only thing the Argentineans knew about violence was what they read in the newspapers. But then in the course of one of the habitual military “coup d´etats” something changed, and the violence that had been contained for so long exploded.
That fact was imprinted forever on our history by “El Cordobazo[1]”
“La Bronca[2]” [the anger] of a society that lost their freedom and even worse, the dignity of their own lives and work is what I’ve tried – humbly – to reflect in this work.
Today, that “Bronca” [anger] is still present even though we have twenty years of democracy and freedom behind us. The importance of social dignity and work has never been taken into account; the immense debt we have towards these two things has never been paid or acknowledged.
Jorge Lopez Ruiz

Dusty Groove:
A great set from Argentinean jazz bassist Jorge Lopez Ruiz -- funky, cinematic big band swing and choral arrangements! The set is a four piece suite based on the writings of Jose Tcherkaski, featuring arrangements that range from big band with heavy horns and strings and a very late 60s/early 70s soundtrack feel, to intimate solo work from players that include Chivo Borraro on tenor sax and Fernando Gelbard on piano. It features spoken word bits that at a listen feel a lot like a 60s new wave film narration! It's got a lot of sweeping, cinematic funk things going on -- for great kinda early 70s soundtrack jazz vibe!

Ripped from the whatmusic.com cd reissue @320


Sergio said...

Just yesterday I was looking a documental film about El Cordobazo. I was 4 years old when it happens, and Cordoba is not my city, I live in Buenos Aires, but it was a pretty big popular prostest, a kind of masive riot against the military power and the police brutality... sadly 4 students died, and it was the beginning of some terrible years in our turbulent story.
Back to music, it was the SECOND Lopez Ruiz "protest" proyects, in 1966 he composes and recorded "EL GRITO" ("The shout"), about the fall of president Arturo Illia, turned down by another dictator, the general Onganía. In fact the Cordobazo protest was against Onganía, just a few years later.
Thanks Bacoso for this gem!

Cyrille said...

Thanx a lot, it's very very very good

lemoncat,, said...

indeed a real treat, thanks for sharing this one.. tops :)

tom said...

first a huge thank you for the music. so many blogs are closing could i have an invite if you go private

martin said...

Gracias! Lamentablemente la historia de mi país fue siempre una historia de la violencia desde que en el siglo XIX expulsaron a los indios, y todavía antes, desde la Conquista!
Thanks for share your great music!

rye said...

Killer as ever. R

Ego Kornus said...

Very intresting since i live here in BA for 2 years and hearing a lot about the 30años

katonah said...
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katonah said...

Powerful stuff .. Tasty.
Many thanks

Reza said...

Fantastic info mate, whats the chance of you posting "EL GRITO" album here :)

bacoso said...

reza/sergio-I have just bought lopez ruiz's "el grito" so I'll post it when it arrives -should be next week if the seler gets their finger out

makuma said...

El Reza, really miss your blog! What can I do to deserve an invitation?

bacoso said...

makuma and others who have asked about El Reza:
El Reza has told me that although his blog page now indicates he's gone private this is not he case.The blog is now closed and not open to anyone at all.However by utilising this feature of blogger he's able to retain his original blog rather than deleting it all.Nobody has access to it apart from Reza so don't feel you have been left out!!!

makuma said...

Thank you. That does makes me feel better! It's a wonderful blog and el Reza is simply amazing :)


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C/W said...

So glad I stopped by today. Thanks immensely for Chitinous Ensemble and Jorge -- outstanding. Both really hit the spot.

fabianbass said...

Thanks for this bacoso, I live in Buenos Aires too and enjoy very much this wonderful blog!

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yoshime* said...
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yoshime* said...

awesome album! sometimes free jazz sometimes funky jazz always progressive and evocative. and the poetry seems to be writed by Julio Cortázar or Mario Benedetti. Im just love it. many thanks!

aaron_de_baron said...

exceeeeelent smithers.

Esteban said...

no puedo creer que este disco aun exista

bacoso said...

This is available for download at both amazon.co.uk and amazon.com
Please use the following links:



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