13 January 2008


Dizzy Gillespie with compositions and arrangements by Lalo Schifrin for Limelight from 1962.

Bass - Buddy Clark , Chris White (3) Conductor - Benny Carter Drums - Mel Lewis , Rudy Collins
French Horn - Ches Thompson* , Luis Kant , Stewart Rensey Guitar - Al Henrickson Percussion - Emil Richards , Francisco Aquabella , Larry Bunker Piano - Lalo Schifrin Reeds - Bill Hood , Bill Perkins , Charlie Kennedy , James Moody , Phil Woods Trombone - Frank Rosolino , Kenny Shroyer , Mike Barone , Bob Edmondson* Trumpet - Al Porcino , Conte Candoli , Dizzy Gillespie , Ray Triscari , Stu Williamson Tuba - Red Callender
Written-By, Arranged By - Lalo Schifrin

The New Continent was the last original work composed by Schifrin for Gillespie during his two years on tour as pianist for Dizzy's quintet.It was first performed at the September 1962 Monterey Jazz Festival with an orchestra conducted by Benny Carter.At two sessions,before and after the festival,it was recorded in Hollywood.Lalo's final performance with Dizzy was a repeat of this work with an ensemble at Lincoln Centre in New York.
It consists of six movements and much of Schifrin's later to become characteristic sound is to be heard here.Excellent playing by Gillespie and the ensemble make this,in my opinion,an under-rated lp which should be better known.
This made a cd reissue in Japan some years ago-I have ripped this post from the original vinyl @320.


bamabob said...

OK, I was trying not to download too much recently--busy and all that...then I see this recording posted! So I HAVE to DL it...now my wife will yell at me for not spending time with her, my kids will get mad cuz I am jsut listening to music---and it is all your fault! But well worth it! Thanks for the loading

PS-just kidding about the angry wife & kids--they like Dizzy too

eniksleestack said...

Cool and rare share, great site thanks!

irolabuji said...

WOW - the only time I have heard these guys collaborate before is the 1977 album "Free Ride" which is incredible! I'm sure this one will be as well - Thanks a ton!

boost said...

once again, a great LP !
Thanks for all this great music!!!
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me.tut said...

great and rare arrangements.
who can send me tehe sequence of tracks?.
with mac I can't open the file with the list.


Rea said...

how do you download???

Farser said...

What a great album. Thanks for posting!