13 December 2007


Terumasa Hino for Sony CBS from 1982.
Terumasa Hino/ cornet,flugelhorn Kenny Kirkland/ kb Lou Volpe/ eg Tom Barney/ eb Richie Morales/ ds Manolo Badrena/perc David Sanborn/ as Don Alias/ perc Suiho Tosha/ Noh Bue Alan Rubin/ tp Lew Soloff/ tp David Taylor/ bass-tb Joe Randazzo/ bass-tb Jerry Dodgion/ as Dennis Morouse/ ts Ronnie Cuber/ bs
Boogie business for Terumasa Hino hitting more on the jazz funk side of things.Check the title tune-handclaps,popping slapbacked bass and a hijacked disco feel that comes on like The Village People meets Miles Davis(well,Tom Barney played with Davis so that's my tenuous connection made!)."Igor's Hideaway" is much better with a stop start slow sliding funky tempo which made it the club cut from the lp.
The rest of the lp moves from the self expanatory "T Funk" and a couple of other up tempo tunes to some reasonable ballads but I have to admit the saccharine"Sunfields" really has me running for the sick bag!
Recorded at Record Plant Studios, NYC in June, July, 1982
Ripped @320 from the original vinyl-made a japanese cd which is now deleted.


Red Raspus said...

Thank you thank you! I've been looking for this for so long! All the best to you and yours!

Dave Marriott

alex said...

many thanks !
awesome piece of jazz/funk-this takes me WAY BACK!
made my day!!!

Bushbaby said...

Thanks very much for this one - great record ... superb choice as usual


BabyBreeze said...

Oh, yeah. Kenny Kirkland! So much better than a tie and cologne for Christmas.