14 December 2007


Soil and Pimp Sessions for Victor Japan from 2006.
Bringin' it bang up to date with the world's number one death jazz combo.This is a 5 track mini album from last year that's now out of print.Here's a bit of background about them:

English description Soil and "Pimp" Sessions is an energetic Japanese club jazz band that have started to receive international recognition. The band consists of six members: Shacho ("agitator"), Tabu Zombie (trumpet), Motoharu (sax), Josei (keyboards), Akita Goldman (double bass) and Midorin (drums).
The band was born out of Tokyo's club scene, when Shacho and Tabu Zombie started including live jam sessions in DJ sets. Gradually the other members were invited, the band line up was finalised and the DJ sets dropped.
The band's adrenalin-fuelled live sets started to create a buzz on the Tokyo live scene, and in 2003 they became the first unsigned band to perform at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival. They were well received there and in the following months record companies were scrambling to offer contracts. JVC Victor won the battle, and summer 2004 saw the release of the mini-album "Pimpin'".
The album was a critical and, for a jazz release, commercial success, and this together with constant touring paved the way for the release of their first full album, "Pimp Master" in early 2005. The album captures the sheer power of their live performances as well as higlighting their individual musical talents.


DJ Tone said...

Sweet pick, sir. This was missing from my collection! I think I'll also take the time here to say that just about every dang record you post here has gone instantly into my heavy rotation, and I've promo'd you pretty hard on my own blog. I hope my readers have been smart enough to come check you out. Thank you a hundred times :)

Rob G. said...

Awesome! Been hoping to hear more of them.

Sidenote, I tried to find their records in Tokyo but couldn't. WTF?

Jazz-Nekko said...

rob g,

"tried to find their records in Tokyo but couldn't. WTF?" have you tried opening your eyes?

just one hour ago, i was standing in front of every album that they have produced. . .better yet - i was actually touching them...i do not have magic, i just i used my eyes.

seriously though, i do not know how you could miss them. a quick check of four large music shops online here, and every one has at least a couple of their works for sale.



"Big Al" Marghreb said...


alex said...

im gobsmacked !
simply awesome !!

soup said...

I have some radio sessions of soil and pimp this year. been looking out for them ever since. cant wait to check this out. thanks for this

mojoknights said...

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you can add my link to your site if you like our stuff, i'll add yours... ok, take care and keep up the good work. peace

El chango Feli said...

Great stuff. How do you get to know such a great bands???

Thanks again,