25 December 2007


Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band from 1973-previously unreleased but now issued by Art Yard as a double A side on a 7".
Here's a Yuletide bomb for you and one to get the house rocking on Christmas morning-a latin stormer from the Cairo Jazz Band with Salah Ragab at the helm.Never issued before this comes to you courtesy of Art Yard Records with their first 7" featuring a mad exotic romp entitled "A tribute To Sun Ra"(I've just ripped the other side which is this piece of latin mayhem so put your hand in your pocket and buy the 7" - it's well worth it) Very Highly Recommended!
A nice write up from Boomkat:
For most listeners, Cairo-based bandleader Salah Ragab first appeared on the radar via the Art Yard label's splendid Egyptian Jazz LP, which featured the maestro in charge of a band versed in the militaristic repertoire of an army orchestra, but relatively unexperienced in the field of jazz. This 7" features music recorded towards the tail end of the 1968-1973 period over which that album was put together, and sports a tribute toSun Ra on the A-side - a fairly appropriate name to inspire an Egyptian jazz record. You'd be hard pressed to identify much of the Arkestra's free music stylings here though, the Cairo Jazz Band's sound is far more organised, albeit whilst gravitating towards a more unusual array of percussion instruments and quirky rhythmic patterns. The B-side 'Latino In Cairo' places even greater emphasis on this sort of percussive layering, and sounds similarly idiosyncratic. Absolutely brilliant stuff - a must!


Chap said...

I just got this in the mail from Dusty Groove for seven bucks or so--worth every penny. Concur that the 'Latino' track is most ace...

phil said...

merry merry xmas hic :)

charlie said...

Great. Wish I had a turntable.

roberto t. said...

The world of music is full of lesser known artists who might have been in the spotlight for their worth if the sometimes strange rules of the market did not hide them to the large public. Salah Ragab is one of these.Of course this is nothing strange to the jazz aficionado who has discovered by himself how many excellent musicians that were often neglected by the industry were,on the contrary,able to produce important works.Salah Ragab had a few moments of notoriety when he first helped Sun Ra in his first visit to Egypt in 1971,having troubles for this with the authorities of the time.In the 2nd tour he sat in with the Arkestra(the only non afro-american)in some concerts in Greece and some in Cairo.The three records that testify the Egyptian gigs are wonderful(http://www.the-temple.net/sunradisco/discoalfa.html),they capture the band in a pivotal year(1984)and retain the extraordinary spirit of a group playing freely with exuberance in a friendly atmosphere.To me it is a real mistery why these three CD's didn't make it.They are well recorded and the price is fair.Probably the distribution(Salah himself manages it)from Egypt is a problem.Going back to Salah,I had the privilege of listening to Blues On The Nile,a CD which is a wonderful expression of what Salah was doing with his small groups(excellent reeds and brass)in the early seventies.Absolutely stunning, one may think of a Village Vanguard on the Nile.Well done Bacoso,I hope somebody will stop and take a look,he or she,surely will find new horizons.

donc said...

A wonder gift for the holidays while I travel the spaceways. A cosmic christmas to one and all.

thanks. don

brooding bird said...


my friend and i started a blogspot a few months ago, and we're both big fans.

It would mean much to me if you would be willing to have a look at it.

The address is: abacussundial.blogspot.com

Thank you so much for the exquisite sounds.



steve.d said...

merry christmas OIR,peace be with you.

amd123 said...


Kosta said...

Hi Bacoso today a friend came to me with this rare vinyl
TERUMASA HINO - May Dance 1977 JVC
we ripped it and i though it would be appreciated by Orgy since is here that i saw the more Terumasa stuff...

jean lafite said...

bacoso, for some unknown reason i have not been this way for some time and it appears i have missed some fantastic stuff.
thank you for all this funk dookey.

happy new years from jean lafite.


Hi Bacoso, here the link for Henryk Debich "String Beat"


Look, is an unique file, uncutted & unccleaned, as we rip from the original vinyl.

Happy new year to yyou and your family!

bacoso said...

jazzypier- wow that's great!!!Many thanks and a happy new year to you and yours as well.

fauxteur said...

Thank you very much, great taste as usual


No matter man, is an honor to have you as a friend...we are your fans!!!
Happy New Year!!!

dubmusic said...

Good stuff!
I just placed an order for this 7".

Jo/No said...

Ah muchas gracias, Bacoso! Your posting of the Ragab lp has been some of my most played mp3s this last year and I've been telling myself I really ought to get my hands on one of those Artyard-reissues if they are still around.

And thanks for all other great posts of 2007!

Partly out of inspiration from your ever interesting blog I've just got around to set up my own. First post is a compilation of music I picked up during my travel in Peru last summer! Not only peruvian stuff though, but rather groovy latin tunes from the 50's and onwards.

out if you are interested and I would be honoured!

Have yourself a great 2008!

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